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  1. tomandroz

    hadrians wall

    Hi, I am doing it with work in August of this year, to raise money for racing welfare!I too would be keen to hear anyone elses experiences too. Kind Regards, Tom
  2. tomandroz

    mumford and sons....

    Hi, bought the cd a week ago, cracking band! ATB Tom
  3. tomandroz

    landrover freelander

    Hi, Do yourself a big favour and dont bother! I have a 57 plate td4, and it has been a nightmare...... ATB Tom
  4. tomandroz

    Guy Shorrock court case

    Hi, Best of luck with this. Kind Regards, Tom
  5. Hi, Yes, I too am having problems loading pages and new content from time to time! ATB Tom
  6. tomandroz

    Wootton Bassett March

    Hi, I am genuinely shocked by this proposed march Regardless of which side of the fence you happen to sit on, this, should it actually take place could very well end tears, and blood on the streets of Wotton Basset (and beyond) depending on which approach the government and police take in policing this march, heaven help us, if this is a sign of things to come................. ATB Tom
  7. tomandroz

    new member

    Hi, And :welcomeani: ATB Tom
  8. tomandroz

    LCD or Plama ??????????

    Hi, Your so right ! LED is the way forward, but a bit out of my price range, sadly. It was the reliabilty of the plasma's that was making me a little wary, but after doing a little window shopping the plasma picture quality does seem better, the link was very helpfull, thanks ! ATB Tom
  9. tomandroz

    LCD or Plama ??????????

    Hi, I am in the market for a new TV (try and take advantage of the sales!) I have a had a decent LCD for the past few years, and wanted to know if the picture quality is any better on a plasma TV? ATB Tom
  10. tomandroz

    North Cornwall Hunt

    Hi, Nice pictures, I missed the Vine & Craven meet myself today. ATB Tom
  11. tomandroz

    justice has been done!

    Hi, Yes i agree it's nice not to have x-factor as crimbo no 1 but I have to say, that Rage Against The Machine, are no better in my opinon!! hardly a festive tune to open your presents too.. ATB Tom
  12. tomandroz

    i havent had a cigarette for two weeks

    Hi, Well Done ! I have tried to stop and failed so many times now.... ATB Tom
  13. tomandroz

    Woodburning Stoves

    Hi, Thanks again for the advice, I have been out and bought some coal, and will give it a go tonight, so watch this space! @-Hound - I found mine on eBay, I will try and find the seller I bought it from, and pass on his details, he had loads in stock, and was cheap, and Iam delighted with mine, ATB Tom
  14. tomandroz

    Woodburning Stoves

    Large pieces of dry hard wood(oak, apple, etc) on a slowburn. How big is your stove? Hi, Its a fairly large stove (8kw) and I am clearly not putting large enough pieces of wood in overnight, and the suggestion of smokeless coal might just do the trick! Thanks alot. ATB Tom
  15. tomandroz

    Woodburning Stoves

    Hi, I treated myself to a woodburning stove a few weeks ago, it's fantastic and well worth the hassle of installing it, and all the blood sweet and tears that went with it ! Having now, run it it! I was wondering if there were any experienced woodburning stove users on here, that could give me an idea of how to do an over-night burn? I cant seem to master it, it either dies because I closed it up to much, or burns the wood, and goed out naturaly. As ever, any hints or tips would be much appreciated! ATB Tom