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  1. His dog Oscar sounds a handy animal Does anyone know if the Oscar dog throws good pups?
  2. Nah, there's some truth in what he's saying. There's some dodgy gene that CAN but doesn't always come out in silvers (think it's just the badger marked animals), that in summary means they aren't all there. Bred 2 such creatures 10-15 years ago, from a top silver Jill, to a top of the range albino hob, both kits used to go to sleep in burrows, then at the age of probably 2 they became nippy, and by the age of 3 they looked as if they'd had strokes and subsequently died, some of the non silver litter mates were quality animals, and stopped until dug to. There's a great article some where of fer
  3. nice dog barks, he s working nice now for u great video of him working u had in ur s ill come with u one my pet poodle is old enough, tell me rigger what dogs u got seem to be on here sayin every one sdogs are pets what u got shit-zu that rigger dont know wat hes on about. going to be a pet......dont know about you rigger but all my dogs work and if you dont know the difference from a poodle to a beddy terrier. then get off this forume......MUPPIT
  4. poodle my arse,they look nothing like a poodle mate, and why would you cross it with a whippet, when a whippet would be a better dog alround with out crossing it fair enough with a greyhound which is a cross that i keep but would nt waiste my time crossing with a whippet, RIGGER SHUT UP YOU PRATT. poodle. if you dont know the difference get off the forum... muppit rigger is just gutted his bitch cant get a tight perm like that...lol Kids, your ignorance is amusing, true working bedlingtons in this day and age? Show me a line of beddies that throw workers generation after generati
  5. Theres absolutely f**k all reason why a first x bull greyhound shouldn't make a top class rabbiting dog i.e. ferreting, lamping and hunting up. The bull infusion gives it intelligence and drive, and the greyhound blood gives it a bit longer legs. imo, the advantage over a first cross bullgreyhound against a colliegreyhound, is that on the lamp, some collie crosses after time will give up if they reckon the rabbit is too much like hardwork or are knackered, where as the bull blood, gives the dog that bit more drive/ determination, or stupidity? on a hard run or when the dogs knackered to still
  6. looks like all 3 pet dogs got more poodle blood in them than bedlington Mate it with a whippet, to get that ideal lurcher
  7. Quality looking kits, kept in clean conditions, credit to you
  8. is the dog going to be worked regular to ground or just a pet
  9. no,no,no foxfan.you forgot the glass of water.them biscuits are very dry!! Water! you not get many foxes stopping by, you want a tea-maid set up for them! Guaranteed 100%
  10. Thought you'd have been inundated there pal
  11. by the way,i live near berkshire which is near junction 13 off the m4. must be genuine terrier influenced,not the wannabes.been out with them kind. ATB< Rod.. in box full yet?
  12. works fine in metal pipes mate. Aaron over head lectric cables f@ck readings up too
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