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    lamping,coursing,used to enjoy a bit of ferreting,and fishinhg now and again and lot of interest in dogs
  1. northern boys have always had lurchers,they just dont shout it out and boast about it,with there 5 out of 5 hare dogs like to see these amazing 5 out of 5 dogs catch 5 out of 5 in the small field and ground we run down here,lets be honest who many dogs get 5 out of 5 hares given fair law
  2. as going to say the same about the fields down here smaller so the dog needs to do it s job no messing round,were as a dog used to running fens would maybe find it harder work in the smaller fields,and would a dog used to the smaller runs find it easier in the fens who knows
  3. foot on the neck,never see ceaser millan do that lol,
  4. airdale with not much bottles cant see that
  5. to much bloody engish here already bringing the tone down in wales twll din bob sais
  6. its got to be a good coursing whippet
  7. approx 4 year old bitch a bit sore on rabbits would make a good fox alrounder whats the cross mate all you ve said is a 3/4 cross,cross what [bANNED TEXT]
  8. have to say a whippet if its only rabbits a good strong working whippet hard to beat day or night
  9. no expert mate but don t good terrier men keep there dogs away from rabbits so they dont end up barking at a rabbit down the hole it found the rabbit so his nose cant be that bad maybe its the owner not the dog
  10. nice looking dog my mates just bred a litter of plummer x lakeland if they turn out like yours be nice dogs only 8 weeks now so time will tell
  11. i heard that bedlington s are slow starters what age do you try yours at to reds what do you think works better dog or bitch
  12. have a look in the contryman s weekly mate not in all the time but you do get a few litters advertised i got both mine from there but you need to be carefull what your buying
  13. keep at he he ll soon relise what s on the other side of the beam try walking right on to a sitter
  14. so why breed her if you d rather work her another week or so you no if she s taken have nt her teats started to get bigger yet is she kenneled with other dogs
  15. the vet can give an injection i think to stop the heat not a 100% just phone your vet and ask
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