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  1. dotty doo is a dick and im sick of is shit

  2. barks

    Planned Mating

    iv just picked up a pup of biglands boy. a man i know bread is wippet bitch with him? i'll try get pic up. asap
  3. barks

    hancock lurchers

    at the end of the day mate? handcook breading dogs for the sport we all love and some 1 got to do it. most ppl on this site have bread a litter some day or age down the line or will? go get the dog. have fun training it....have fun walking it. have fun working it and make sure you look after it and it will look after you. no mater what the bread or breader. good look with you first dog pal
  4. barks

    bmw for 4x4

    iv got a nissan primaster on 53 plate (transit) .000 miles. u got any pics
  5. barks


    its a good running bike after all lads and in my eye worth any offer or swops. around £200 mark plz lads befor ppl start getting stupid..and nailer thanks for your help appreciated
  6. barks


    few pics of the bike for pll that p.m me thanks
  7. barks

    lakeland bitch working

    sorry lads it did upload but dont know what happend. i'll try agen
  8. quick video of my lakey bitch working
  9. barks


    if intrested. pm me your mobile number and i'll send a pic by phone. no time waster plz
  10. £3000/ .000 miles. white. excellent working order. looking for a nice car? swop or p.x
  11. barks


    £200 blue and yello. not sure of the year. its in good working order. swop welcome. plz pm
  12. nice pup that? wats the reason for sale
  13. barks

    9 week old pup

    thanks taff/andy. its hard work this lol. try and help a mate out. never agen
  14. barks

    9 week old pup

    here mate just had a look in your topics there i think you should make you mine WHAT your looking for in a dog and most of you posts more selling here a picture for you last post get a grip me get a grip? y did you pm me this last month then?'scoop and digger' think you can cut me a deal on a bitch pup mate i would not be able get down to wales so i would half to send the k9 transporter down and that would caused me £90 so you can will pm me back . jim from form Glasgow lol lol lol
  15. barks

    lurcher pups for sale

    and there the same pups? thats [bANNED TEXT] thay was a few weeks old and now there 9 weeks old. sad sad boy