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  1. Hope someone on here can give some advice, I have pretty much decides on buying a HW80. It will be mainy for rabbits and pigeons. My choice was based on a preference for the ease of use of a springer. And in the past have found break actions to be quick and easy to reload if another quick shot is needed. BUT.. I am still tempted by the Weihrauch under levers too.... As I have never owned this make before, I though someone who has tried them could help me make the final choice. I do like the look of the HW97 carbine but there is also the HW77 - What is the difference between them????
  2. Iwould complain - There are thousands of hunting vids on there...
  3. .177 or .22 and what sort of condition? and any clue as to how much you want.
  4. :clapper: :clapper: :clapper: Stole my line there....
  5. Oh... Just realised... my gun is not a PCP... Damn..... Still if you fancy a springer......
  6. My Cometa 300S is as light as a feather. We could arrange a meet and as a favour we could do a straight swap....
  7. Good description Pantom.... and some science too... Like it
  8. Hi Matt If you put a location in your profile, I'm sure some of the guys on here can point you in the direction of a decent gun shop. Get the feel for what you want at the shop, then hunt the ads for a bargain. Might be a plan Mark
  9. Brilliant.... Superb pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Cometa Indian - Very nice and simple, with 5ft/lb In .22 or .177. Well worth a look in the second hand ads, Bit expnsive new.. http://www.airguns-today.co.uk/a-library/C...ian/indian1.htm
  11. I was thinking that..... motocross, HONDA CR 250 it says..... Then pictures of a SUziki..... Got me confused till I saw the threads.... Shouldn't this guy start his own thread and leave the guy to sell his Honda??
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