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  1. have you checked the jills tits, she may have mystitus, ive lost 4 kits because of it..
  2. ferreter1


    5 from me thats ({331)}
  3. put a mink trap down and just put a bit of rabbit in for bait
  4. collie for rabbit ,, and bull for bigger things ....
  5. does anybody know, when your hob gets vasectomised, how long do you have to wait until he can mate ?? thanks
  6. hav you got a pic of the hob mate
  7. Here's one I finished last week just got a pregnant jill in at the moment on the bottom level. that looks spot on, im looking for one just like it
  8. me mate got the price wrong its a tenner for an albino kit (durham area) thanks
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    2 kits is extremely small my jill has 8-10 every year, you may need to get her checked out as if she is unable to get the rest out this could be fatal for the mum. mine only had 4 last year
  10. See, I have aswell in the past, never sold a ferret but people should understand us ferreters need things like new nets, locators, collars, diesel to farms etc etc not to mention food for them. see what happens. i would buy a black eyed white hob off you when there ready
  11. thanks magpie, its a old rifle so its lacking power, my dad said get a new spring aswell, so i might, i have zero'd it, although it might be a few mm off, its pretty much spot on from 25 yrds,. i wouldnt take a shot longer than 25yrds now, thats my limit. and i shot it right between the eyes .... thanks
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