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  1. ferreter1

    Lost another kit

    have you checked the jills tits, she may have mystitus, ive lost 4 kits because of it..
  2. ferreter1


    5 from me thats ({331)}
  3. ferreter1


    put a mink trap down and just put a bit of rabbit in for bait
  4. collie for rabbit ,, and bull for bigger things ....
  5. have you got a pic of the hob aswell mate or not ??
  6. ferreter1

    change one word

    quik course
  7. ferreter1

    change one word

    smoke pot
  8. ferreter1

    vasectomised hob

    ok thanks
  9. ferreter1

    vasectomised hob

    does anybody know, when your hob gets vasectomised, how long do you have to wait until he can mate ?? thanks
  10. ferreter1

    change one word

    brick shithouse
  11. ferreter1

    Jill's first litter

    hav you got a pic of the hob mate
  12. ferreter1

    change one word

    rabbiting man
  13. ferreter1

    first rabbit

    lol thanks