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  1. i have ferrets in dereham if you are interested

  2. thanks all for the sound advice sorry for delay in replying but have been really busy will take time now to look into it thanks again.
  3. i would have been diggin two large holes for two large twats, well done them lads handled in the right way, i have never met two people in more need of a good kicking in my life.
  4. do you still have the gun is it a multishot or single cheers
  5. i tend to let them grab on to a piece of meat then i hold them and handle them they then associate being handled with good things not being hit on the nose, even my kids handle them like this and no nips, good luck
  6. Hi i am after a BSA multi shot if anyone has one in good cond cash waiting for right gun thanks
  7. quote]I have had more than a beating mate 5 days in hospital with shotgun injuris and still suffering with lead shot embeded in my back and yes i was onley after a few rabbits. Any Feckin keeper shot me or mine would be spending the rest of his life eatin Pheasant , deer and rabbit through a fecking straw.
  8. i got 36 months for poaching. mind you i was poaching a lorry load of wiskey
  9. Three weeks and growing fast 5 hobs 5 jills looking good
  10. if they are classed as a wild animal, and quote " a danger to the public " then they have to be licensed, ! if they do not have to be licensed then they are no danger, and not wild they are domestic, if they can be handled then they are tame by definition, sounds to me as if this woman has something against ferrets, i would go over her head go straight to her superior, and make a big song and dance about it, chances are she will back down, play a predujice card, i fecking hate jobsworths. give her loads of stick, i would get the rspca involved, local papers etc. ( if you got permission then thats the end of it ) make her realise that she aint that important.
  11. as promised picture of me sandy hob having a bit of a yawn, not a good picture bugger wont sit still
  12. Coming on strong Pictures of kitts
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