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  1. Taz empty your inbox or phone me if you still got me number
  2. Cheers p***y poacher she is a cracking little bitch for someone bud
  3. Let's see your stunning shining show pony then bud put it this way my dogs get more action an cared for than most on here full of keyboard warriors an armchair hunters
  4. Take it your not interested in her then an some of the ugliest of dogs make cracking workers
  5. Picture of bitches feet fook all wrong with them
  6. 07593377173 number for anyone interested in the bitch
  7. As I've said bud I'd rather her be with someone who will give daytime work than not be out an also said for the right home no money needs too change hands
  8. I think it looks in top nick there myself like yours must look like Arnie compared to mine then
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