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  1. Will take £50 for the hemp nets if collected or will post if buyer pays postage. .
  2. Used to race greyhounds mate and had this a few times only answer was to get them cut out.
  3. Poke nets sold, poly nets sold. 46 hemp nets still for sale. 1 quickset net left 50yd with basket bought of les ( Nelson) first class cond. £70
  4. Nite site viper for sale with spare battery only been on rifle about 3 times to test bought about 8 month ago ill health forces sale. I am in Gateshead £375.
  5. Well lads as you know after having to give game up due to ill health I have started sorting some gear out. Purse nets. 16 poke nets spun poly I didn't knit these but were made by a thl member nearly all new. All other Nets knitted by myself to 18 mesh wide and 5 ply hemp. 15 spun poly 48" long. 46 hemp between 36" and 48" but mainly 44" and 48" Also there is 5 new 48" spun polynets that I have knit but not put draw cords in yet and 8 new hemp. all nets in first class condition dried and cleaned after every trip in waterproof holdall Looking for £200. Also mk3 locator with 3 collars
  6. Nice easy dig up a stop end for 3 rabbits had a one season before last similar 12" down the little Jill had 5 stuck up it.
  7. Cheers lads going to start sorting gear out today or tomorrow so will be sticking some stuff in the forsales hopefully help some other lads in the game trouble is a don't no were to start marvellous the stuff you accumulate over the time.
  8. Thanks for all the kind words lads and invitations but what I have is terminal so that's that was good to know that the owld ferrets got a good chance for a good home tho. they done ther best for me so decerved it didn't want them just been used and passed on and some of the charvers that a got knocking on me door asking for them were a joke next job to sort all gear out nets,locators.long nets etc she will not no what it's like getting the spare bed room back. Thanks lads.
  9. Looks like you had a great few hours like that wee lurcher.
  10. Well after having ferrets for nearly all my life and enjoying the ferreting game and other hunting interests, after some bad news from the doc had to let them go yesterday was a bit funny the smorrning going out the back and no noses looking through the mesh and grunting For there bait but a big thank you to Gillian from north east ferret rescue for her help at this time.
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