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  1. pike hunter

    Lurched Dewclaw

    Hi just after some advice as [BANNED TEXT] else or best to do my dog has ripped its dewclaw off bout 2 months ago and got a friend to cut it off then it started growing back was only a stump but has ripped it again and is sticking out at weird angle but looks really long was ment to take it to a vet who could take the 2 off but my car has blew up so just wondering [BANNED TEXT] best to do take it to local vet or would it just fall off or should I just get it cut off again any help would be great
  2. pike hunter

    RIP the 96

    great yesterday both fans joining together for justice .RIP to all.
  3. ment to b out up north in the morning been waiting all week an me dog has gone and sliced her leg open on razorwire luck cant get no worse this week

    1. markmccann


      bad luck that..hopefully she'll be ok soon

    2. pike hunter

      pike hunter

      hope so to mate missed last week aswell thro work and my mate has filled his freezer for xmas


  4. ha ha made my day that so funny the music vid
  5. pike hunter

    river severn

    alrite all got a day booked next wed for me and 2 mates to get down the severn. just wondering if anyone nows any day ticket stretches for barbel and pike. will b fishing round telford and ironbridge or if anything has been coming out .
  6. pike hunter

    bass all over the place

    alrite mate my bro has been taking loads from on angelsey where bouts u been gettin all yours been some clonkers out
  7. i no a few welsh lads from by there said queens park is full of ****s will ask them to hav a ask round for you tho
  8. pike hunter

    phill hill south wales miner

    proper men proper graft RIP to all
  9. pike hunter

    putting hob with new jills

    hi just wondering if anyone can help me out i was going to get a hob ferret thats 2 year old of someone on site but just wondering about puttin it in with my 2 jills heard they scrag them [bANNED TEXT] in heat my jills hav had the jill jab but will it still mate with them and can they still get prego and ar they likely to battle just the ferrets i hav ar sisters so got them at the same time
  10. pike hunter

    naming and shaming Is it allowed?

    dont no the lads but thought was a bit daft to just write that nothing else
  11. pike hunter

    1 for travellers

    i have a hobby 635 love it would never get any other caravan now love the space not like cramped uks ha ha just hate not being able to see anything out my mirrors even with the extendeds on :crazy: when you tow the fecker
  12. pike hunter

    tabley game fair

    cheers mate think i will save me money for a better show and make me ferret cage bigger cheers
  13. pike hunter

    tabley game fair

    was wondering meself anyone been is there many stalls and is there lurcher racing and shows
  14. pike hunter

    for anyone that's new to ferreting....

    MY GOD i am just starting out ferreting myself and seeing that makes me luck like bear grylls needs a spade on his head
  15. pike hunter

    R.I.P. molly

    just starting out with my dog everytime she runs thro woods i think bout [bANNED TEXT] i hav read on here bout people losing dogs to trees so scary and so sorry mate for your lose mate cant imagine [bANNED TEXT] i would b like if i lost mine RIP MOLLY