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  1. nercwys

    Fabarm Beta Lux, For Sale

    I have all the chokes with it Used for two seasons pheasant shooting and well looked after.
  2. Fabarm Beta Lux 12 bore Side by side 30 inch Multi choke 31/2 inch chambers A very nice gun. £500 No Offers Pics up soon.
  3. nercwys

    Advice Needed For My Cocker

    Rabbit pen defo mate,don't rush the dog. If it was my dog i would't take it this year ,i would wait until next year.
  4. nercwys

    Springer Retrieving Help

    Turn your back on the dog when she comes into you, and let her have the dummy at all times in training playing with her is the key. Put a pigeon in a sock and let her play with it throwing it Three feet here, and Eight feet there etc on your knees calling her to you. Keep calling with a high pitch voice.
  5. nercwys

    Show us yer Gundogs...

    This is his bitch.lol
  6. nercwys

    Show us yer Gundogs...

    Bow in the snow.
  7. nercwys

    Buzzards taking game

    I would eat you all if you moved into my home to. It would be easier than going the shop..
  8. nercwys

    chip fat oil

    Good feedback. cheers lads
  9. they make me f*****g sick. why dont they just get a f*****g job and a normal house and live like the rest of us.if saw anyone in my garden they would have th 12 bore up there arse.
  10. HI all i would just like to say thanks for keeping a lookout for the jack russsel and i am happy to say that the dog has been returned.Lets just say we met ,a man in a caravan, and he knew who had the dog at a price.b*****ds.
  11. nercwys

    chip fat oil

    Okay cheers for that lads.
  12. Hi lads,if i mix chip shop oil with wheat do the phesants like that.
  13. Cheers mate that would be very helpfull she also has been micro chipped and she has BROWN TIPS ON HER EARS.