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  1. tubes are widely available in USA, straight forward to swap out, not sure what is the procedure for FAC route.
  2. As above 3 shot 410 lever action rare shotgun. £800
  3. Looking for an informal walked up or driven day for a team of guns in Lincolnshire area on 31st of Jan. Thanks
  4. Looking for hare days for whole team in February time. Thanks
  5. Looking for Sporting rights to rent Norfolk/Lincolnshire area preferred but other areas also consider. Thanks
  6. Driven or walked up woodcock shooting for small group of guns wanted. thanks
  7. Very good condition inside and outside for its age, 5 doors with mainly main dealer service. 102000 miles which is very low for its age,engine 1.1L,white, no rust,radio and factory immobiliser. £200.
  8. I have 2.0L automatic in 54(04) plate, very reliable, should get 30-35 mpg depends on your driving. Just don't take it to main dealer for service.
  9. Hi, walked up grouse shoot over pointers for 6 guns required. please contact me direct for further information. thanks
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