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  1. handy1960


    i am after a 4x16 sidewinder scope must be in good condition
  2. handy1960


    waiting for my firearm renewal and thinking of a tika lite,or a steyr in the above cal any help would be great or suggestions ,will be shooting of a quad ,and truck with some walk about
  3. handy1960


    does anyone know of a good 5"dvr to put on my homebuilt nv
  4. handy1960

    Anyone Making And Selling Nv

    dont know if you have had 1 but i know of someone who sells them i got 1 had foxes out to 200 yards easy,on my 222 centrefire
  5. handy1960


    thanks for that
  6. thinking of buying a range finder about the 600 yards mark any views on the best one to buy
  7. handy1960

    My Diy Nv Build

    nice build would like to see it in action
  8. handy1960

    Range Finder

    thanks for that
  9. handy1960

    Mtc Rapier 2 Oled Rangefinder Update

    thanks for that
  10. Bushnell Sport 850 ARC 4x20 range finder has anybody tried 1 of these or is there better ones for the same money any advice would be great
  11. handy1960

    Wanted Scope

    i am after a leapers swat 3x12x44 must be in good condition or a ags swat 3x12x44 again must be in good condition
  12. handy1960

    Wanted Bi Pod Springs

    pm sent
  13. handy1960

    Harris Bipod Spare Parts

    hi do you have a spring or a pair of springs pm sent thanking you
  14. handy1960

    Wanted Bi Pod Springs

    Hi all does anybody have a bipod spring to sell as needing one asap,or if anybody knows were i can get one from
  15. handy1960

    Infra-Red Illuminator

    thanks for that did you buy the t 20 of ebay i have seen them for 55 pounds for the 3 mode