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  1. ratty789

    Importing from USA

    Just brought a leupold scope back from florida in my hand luggage, customs guys scanned it and said it was a scope and no problem.
  2. ratty789

    my new truck

    watch the rear diffs mate, if you off road alot, had one for five years and three diffs in it
  3. ratty789


    ran a bravo for 5 years, a bit flat but great mpg, watch rear diffs mine had 2put in ,now running a mazda b2500 alot more comphy, and will go anywhere
  4. ratty789

    whats the most commonly used dog for marking

    beddy,s mark great, have no fear of thorns and a bit of leg for the chase
  5. ratty789

    damson vodka

    did 3 bottles of cheap white rum and damson last year, turned ot great stuff
  6. ratty789


    I Have just purchased a secondhand Marlin 22lr model 995ss and i am having problems with the rounds ejecting at the moment i am trying winchester rounds, any advice on which ammo to use or any other tips would be grateful thanks!
  7. ratty789

    Beddlington terrier wanted

    Dont want one for digging just doing cover and retreving shot rabbits.! Im not botherd about kc to much as long as the parents have done a bit of work.! ive got beddies and beddie crosses, great dogs lots of guts, but poor at retreving mate!!
  8. ratty789

    Barbour jackets

    to right had them for years but seen the light, got something warm instead
  9. ratty789

    warm wellys

    Try lacrosse alphabury 800 insulated had them for 5 years warmer than the muckboots i have now
  10. Have this cross in my kennels now at two years old, working it with a pure bedlington aswell, great for speed, marking setts and will take feather, but be carful when starting off, like to give mouth if fustrated at an early age. This is my third bedlington cross lurcher and the whippet is better than the greyhound, to me.
  11. ratty789

    Anyone ever eaton squirrel

    out shooting today, my son got one and had it fried for tea, said it was lovely, tuff to skin but.
  12. ratty789

    Slow Cooker Recipes

    try cooking the game in red wine with a few sock veg. mine has always turned out great especially pheasant
  13. ratty789

    update on pups

    looking well, wishing i could have another one but 3 dogs is enough.
  14. Got to agree with the comment above, why give the anti,s ammo. but i realise it proves a point that some beddy,s do work well, as with all breeds theres good and bad dogs, ive owned beddys and bed x for 25 years and had good, bad and fantastic. May be not the best earth dog but one of the best alrounders in my opinion
  15. ratty789

    boxing day shoot

    i have a hatsan and my son he,s had 500 cartridges through his (mine) and no problems yet!!