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  1. You realy are a proper f@ckin div lol spoiling threads about a lad selling his pup's thats got nothing to do with you at all and you still think your right .cant be botherd arguing with you anymore you f@ckin div
  2. All the lad was doing was advertising his pup's none of you have met this lad or seen his dog's run so f@ck off i find some other thread to f@ck up you w@nkers
  3. Think its you keyboard lot thats up each other's arse's havent got a clue jump on the bandwagon full of shit spoiling the lad's thread you no fuckall about.. just proves exactly what you are
  4. It just go's to show half you no it all clown's commenting on this man and his dog's no f@ckall he has dog's for the quarry he want's i no this lad and some of the dog's he run's you couldent be more f@ckin wrong half you council house dosser's want to get out and run your own dog's more and stop worrying about peoples dog's you no f@ckall about
  5. Come on manchester lads someone must have seen this jeep..
  6. From Dawbank stockport 4-20 pm 31 august 3 saluki type dogs ..
  7. I think he gonna take it and put it on dvd and make it clearer , i cant beleive nobody from that area has spoken up
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