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  1. I imported them both one from Spain and one from Serbia I use them to flush game to guns
  2. Mine no bother to be honest and good recall
  3. Thanks pal hope you have a good season
  4. I’ve bolted fox with them but I m not a digging man
  5. Been in my coat an hour I’d left the phone at home I stunk
  6. Thanks pal yes I’m getting to old for running
  7. Bitch from Serbia and dog from Spain
  8. Your getting mixed up pal we talking about jagds not teckels
  9. Mines as obedient as a spaniel pal people import adult dogs that don’t understand a word of English and wonder why they fu#k off get a pup imported
  10. Thanks pal same to you
  11. Good to see you again brother
  12. Had a good day on the fells with netmaker and my lad. Dogs working top class fox flushed to netmaker on full permission
  13. Which ones are everyone using and best place to buy them
  14. Anyone know any good transport lads I need a dog from madrid to England
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