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  1. Thanks, need all the help we can get with the missing & stolen dogs. But this ones staying local so it must know area - but Im out of touch with lurcher people these days.
  2. Farmers don't tend to be trigger happy around here & many know lads for keeping vermin down but this ones been out a few days. Posted all over local sites & no one saying anything. Hes staying in a 15 -20 minute jogging distance so must be local. We have some one going out later to set up a feeding place & try keep him in one area.
  3. I'd forgotten I was a member. So was pleasantly surprised to find I was still a here. I help with animal rescue/missing & found dogs. In the past members have helped us find dogs - and we have helped member get their animals back. Hopefully -things haven't changed.
  4. This dog has been running between Edderthorpe Lane & Thurscoe fields for last 4 days. Does anyone know owner? He moves around more at night & staying in area.
  5. Just to let you locals know - due to increased thefts on the vehicles, police have increased patrols. Just keep eye out if using estate to cut through etc. The whole estate is covered by camera & weeekly reports sent out - so l know its used. Theres been no trouble or bother for the working lads so far - a few of you use estate to get onto open land. Just be mindful or increased patrols
  6. Crossposted: LSB 2979/10/M: Saluki -bitch (entire) Saluki type coat Silver grizzle Silver on face with grizzle mask, fine black line from the middle of her forehead down the centre of her nose. Microchip number: 981000002549505 Height: approx. 24 inches Age: 14 months Wearing a black leather collar Name is "Eclipse" LSB 2980/10/M : Lurcher - 3/4 saluki x 1/4 greyhound - bitch (entire) Saluki type coat Black and white/speckled Smooth with feathered eatrs and tail This bitch was 7 weeks in pup. Height: approx 24 inches Age: 5 years Wearing a brown leather collar N
  7. Just had a found dog come through on Petsearch FOUND Woodville, Sth. Derbyshire. 22.10.09. Lurcher male, Approx 2-3 years old. Wearing black leather collar with silver studding. Sores on body. No photograph available. Any enquiries re either of these to Burton Petsearch on 01283 535 622
  8. Has he got only one dew claw on the front Feet ? Dont know tbh- will find out tomorrow As for good home- he may be at a kennel but the owners KNOW working people & it wont be the first time a dog hasnt been released just to get it out of a kennel. There is a none destruct policy so he isnt in danger of been pts. I'll ask about feet & claws tomorrow
  9. Just got back from Scotland yesterday & this dog is still at the kennels. As at least 4 people asked bout him didnt expect him to still be there. No one has been to see him. Obviously his owners dont want him back -
  10. how much is the fee and when can he be picked up Have pm'd you just in case
  11. Nice one Doe- can you keep eye on these over next week as wont have much access to site. Got my phone on if you need me -but up in Scotland for the week. Post over on ours bout some stolen dog info Emera wants - if it comes thru can you please post/ pm her with it. Have chased up today. Soz for hijacking thread- 101 things to do & leave at 5am- yikes
  12. Will try for a 2nd time. Black broken coated terrier, not dog friendly, DEFINATELY working dog, has old damage to sides of mouth. Totally healed. Bout 3 yr old looking at teeth. Right little sod. Notts area he was picked up in. Proper cocky little terrier, cant miss fact he been working, not giving more info as owner will know its there dog. BUT his time is up & he can now be rehomed. Anyone wanting to home a terrier let me know, there is a fee but this lad will earn that within a week. If you recognise him -TELL ME.
  13. If only you knew how many we find that owners never come forward its sickening.
  14. http://www.doglost.co.uk/Page.aspx?data=Qv...NS%2ff5U_352gWc http://www.doglost.co.uk/Page.aspx?data=Qv...RLWz3PYRPR5KJjz If these are yours please let either myself or Doe know. They are on Doglost- admin can help as well.
  15. 13 weeks is still a baby & others have already mentioned to let pup wake up then take it outside. Same with play time, they normally need toilet. Mine all knw 'toilet' it took my 4 weeks to get one rescue dog clean overnight in house, the semi feral dog I have took ages but now will come & nudge me to go out. Dont worry- it will just click what you want & in another week or so you wont even remember worrying about it
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