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    hounds, salukis being a favorite and e.b. terriers,think thats relevent for the forum,
  1. kayteetess

    Wanted Bedlington Whippet Pup

    Thanks, no countrymans left here, any chance of his number please? Much appreciated Thankyou
  2. Blue rough coated, bitch or dog, asking on behalf of a family member, good home awaits, Yorkshire area will travel thanks
  3. kayteetess


    Bull terriers get tha inbox emptied Benny!
  4. kayteetess


    Shamos from good stock,3 weeks various colours,from 4 different trios,Rotherham area south yorkshire £5 per chick No timewasters 07958172673
  5. kayteetess

    Found Brindle dog

    A women in my areas just posted a pic somewhere else of a brindle what looks like a whippet grey dog( sorry not a good pic) Its been thrown out of a car which she witnessed so thought id put it up on here just in case its stolen,the women thinks its a heinz57 thats been starved to death cos she can see its ribs abit lol Its in the Rotherham area of south yrkshire but as you guys know it could be from anywhere,cheers
  6. kayteetess

    Out today

    well done
  7. kayteetess

    saluki pup pictures

    All the best with them and to the new owners too!
  8. Shit is that you Jill? lol

  9. Bruz said your a bad influence hahaha!!!

  10. Is that your pup mick?

  11. kayteetess

    1st x saluki greys

    its sires an enlish bull ooooh Benny Bhoy Now now "Cheeky" ha ha
  12. kayteetess

    my pup

    Cracking that Benny!
  13. kayteetess

    dogo argentino hunting deer

    Would like to see some hunting out of interest,saw one at the earth dog running dog boasted by plenty and it looked like a complete bag of spanners.The conformation was appauling and apparently out of good well known working stock I wouldn't have let it piss on the mother in law,show me somedecent ones we have over here please
  14. kayteetess

    first aid box fillers

    Thanks but they are prescription, anyone know of any based outside of the uk as vetorder was thanks
  15. kayteetess

    first aid box fillers

    thanks any others please