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  1. noddy6560

    can anyone help

    wow i like that, anyone selling one? noddy aberdeen
  2. noddy6560

    can anyone help

    hi guys, it`s just about time to start training my harris hawk for the new season. after being to a few fairs over the past couple of months one thing i`d like to get is one of these wee machines that pull the lure that the dogs and birds chase. does anyone have one of these for sale or can anyone point me in the direction of how to make one, remembering that i`m not that mechanicly minded. thanks guys for any help noddy aberdeen
  3. noddy6560

    pregnant ferret

    The jills vulva should go down within 14 days of being with the hob, but it's the act of mating that brings them out of season so not a definite marker as they could have not got pregnant and have a phantom pregnancy, The hair on her belly and legs will thin as she starts to nest around 3 week mark . It's sometimes hard to to tell if she's pregnant, they can be good at 'hiding' it ! just make sure she has a varied diet esp with calcium in it as they can go into calcium shock wich needs a vet pdq they are usually bang on 42 days after mating
  4. noddy6560

    call out

    nah , it's men , they always have a problem with numbers and round it up. How many of you think that 6 in is actually 12 !
  5. noddy6560

    Whats wrong with my ferret

    Sorry your guy didn't make it, i would get your other 2 to the vets and get them vaccinated against distemper and scubbed every thing out and leave it to dry out before putting them back in.
  6. noddy6560

    Whats wrong with my ferret

    if he has distemper no he will not get over it, it is fatal in ferrets and highly contagious. he needs to see a vet pdq
  7. noddy6560

    My new trick.

    Pet ferret owners frequently teach there ferrets to 'Squeak n Treat' using a squeaky toy and ferretone
  8. noddy6560

    Anyone on here have birds of prey?

    me too. female harris
  9. noddy6560

    ferret box company

    Cheers Steve, Denise in Aberdeen here, are they still trading
  10. noddy6560

    ferret box company

    anyone here know how to contact them please ? Cheers
  11. noddy6560

    should i give him away as a pet?

    If the ferret doesn't come good, why not put him to a rescue, they will rehome him as a pet ?
  12. noddy6560

    help please

    how old is she ? have you checked for mites etc ?
  13. noddy6560

    wild polecat

    polecats are a protected species now so maybe killing them not a good idea ?
  14. noddy6560

    jill jabs

    if it's not down by 3rd week call the vet. are they fully swollen ? The vulva gradually goes down
  15. noddy6560

    Advice needed

    How old is your youngest ? I have a jill that HATES kits or anything under ayear. I had to wait until the kits were ayear old before getting them together , even then there were some scraps, the kits by that time were big enough and condident enough to tell her where to go but when they were younger she just went into hunt mode with them and it wasn't safe for them. If the young jill is completely new it's also a case of group dynamics. and your older jill may be taking exceptiom big time to it. try putting veg oil on the back of neck with both of them sometimes by the time they've licked it off they're pals