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  1. Fidgety

    Quietest .243 Round Around

    I was sort of hoping that there may be a significant difference in say a 55gr and a 100gr Shame Thanks anyway.
  2. Looking for the above, I have a sound moderator, but need the least noisy round through it.
  3. Fidgety

    Hitting The Moles

    You lads are lucky, no farmers here! Have you tried the traplines yet Matt?
  4. Fidgety

    Adas/bpca Manual

    They pop up on ebay....BPCA is the one to get, latest edition if you can
  5. Fidgety

    Which Pcp?

    AA S410 in .177 all day every day
  6. Why?????????? Just buy the one you want, and sell yours as an earlier post suggested. I wouldnt consider this work on a £1000 firearm!
  7. Fidgety


    I use the SX micro fogger for the rare occasion I need one....does everything I want
  8. Fidgety

    Move To .177

    These massive yard kill claims are not exaggerations. When I first bought AA S410 in .177 (s/h) I hit a clean kill at 55yds! The pellet is flat, making less hassle at varied distances, and the increased accuracy means there are more reliable clean kills.
  9. Fidgety

    Cheapest Trapline Traps?

    Yer, finding something that looks like a bit of waste wire in the depths of MY van is not easy, but I'll do my best.
  10. Fidgety

    Move To .177

    35 years convinced .22 was best, bought .177 Pre charged Air Arms and never looked back or used .22 again
  11. Fidgety

    Cheapest Trapline Traps?

    Email your address and I'll drops some in the post......if \i can find em'
  12. Fidgety

    Wcs Tube Trap

    Don't get me wrong, great trap, but for big squirrels they could be better. This is also why I don't tend to use mk4 fenns for squizzers - had one too many perfect catch with the animal very much alive
  13. Fidgety

    Wcs Tube Trap

    My tube trap was purchased from a Magnum distributor. In my opinion, it is not up to it
  14. Fidgety

    Wcs Tube Trap

    I found the spring on mine not strong enough
  15. Fidgety

    Anything Worthwhile To Say?

    Shows how long I been away, J Darcy was a mod then