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  1. Thanks guys, I’ll just man up and do it . It’s brand new but it’s quite twangy so I know it could be smoother.
  2. Thanks, what’s the difference between doing it yourself and a gun smith tune. Do they just polish everything? I played around with an old theoben sirocco last time and I just used various wet n drys all over. That worked out well but that’s an old rammer and was fairly simple and only owing me £150 I didn’t mind taking the chance. Trigger was a royal pain though!
  3. Just moved to NW and purchased the 97kt brand new. looking for guidance on who can tune in the Wigan/Lancashire area. id rather have it done by someone more experienced than myself for best results.
  4. Hi All, So back to my love of hunting/shooting after a very hard year between separation , house move and hectic work I’ve just got life back to normality and bought a hw97kt and can’t wait to get back into my shooting. handed my FAC air and .22lr open certificate back when it came to renewal as life was just too all over for shooting. Regret now, may tackle the applications once again down the line. anyway life story aside really happy to get back to basics with a quality Springer but having read so much about the benefits of tuning looking for advice of where/who to tur
  5. All now sold, cheers for the interest guys. Once I have moved I'll be re stocking the tools :-)
  6. got another one mate sub 12ft standard stock .22 needs some tlc on the blueing £110?
  7. Moving House so having clear out, will not split out each bundle, priced to sell so please no silly offers. I would rather sell on here than local shop to chuck a silly profit on top. Cant figure how to upload photos direct, check out links below but can email more if needed. GRAB an early XMAS Bargain. Collection Scunthorpe must have clear ticket on FAC for bundles 1 & 2. 1) CZ 452 American .22lr, HAWKE Sport HD 3-9X50 AO, leather sling, gun slip, bipod, circa 300 rounds - £200. 2) Theoben Sirocco Classic .22 FAC, deluxe stock (cracked/split at end of stock), good pist
  8. Cheers for the smooth transaction mate. After messing around with my slim Jim and stripping one of the rifles now have two smooth siroccos one at 15ftlb and the other at 11.5 :-). Also sanded back standard stock and re vqrniahed.
  9. Hi guys, have two rammers but since strip down and build up cant get much pressure back in with slim jim pump. Pushes enough air in to have some resistance on cocking but barley enough to push pellet out! I cant hear any air escaping the rams or the pump. Which one do you think it likely to be? Does my pump need new seals???
  10. anybody know or used gunsmith at premier guns? good/bad?
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