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  1. This Gyp was raised along with her sister Jenette by Norman Hooten with him being the county sherriff thats how she got her name Jailhouse,she was imported into the UK in the late 's. Am sure she was in whelp to a dog called Hall's Bert.
  2. Lassie Come Home & Greyfiars Bobby brings a lump to the wife's throat.
  3. You will get it in Cosco's for £12 a bag vat free.
  4. Stunning dog whats in his make up is it mastiff or american bulldog ? the dog is a real credit to you stunning conditioning.
  5. Fox bites off man's nose and fingers in cemeteryPremium Article ! Your account has been frozen. For your available options click the below button. Options Premium Article ! To read this article in full you must have registered and have a Premium Content Subscription with the Edinburgh Evening News site. Subscribe Registered Article ! To read this article in full you must be registered with the site. Sign InRegister « Previous « PreviousNext » Next »View GalleryPublished Date: 27 October 2010 By DAVID McCANN A MAN who blacked out in a village cemetery had his nose and fingers b
  6. Awrite Codie if you still want to go pm me your number.
  7. These pups should be snapped up quickly cause in the right hands they will be top quality all round dogs.
  8. Its bad when you dont know the proper age of your pup 7months dont think so
  9. Gripperbhoy you say its a fact i can tell you now your facts are 100% wrong. you must live a sad life when your listening to bullshite.
  10. Wasn't going to bother breeding with the ban but decided i couldn't let the line die so bred my bitch at the ripe old age of 10 years 3 months her 1st litter had 8 pups,4 survived and the 2 i kept back for myself the bitch let them suck her till they were 12weeks old.
  11. I remember back in 91 when the tories where in power they brought out the dda a little girl was killed up in Dundee by rotties the mother campaigned for a ban and still is to this day but the kennel club has alot of power but what did the tories do they banned the pitbull "F*kin Joke" this ban was put through by the kennel club and rspca a few months after that Major was caught humpin Edwnia Currie lol.
  12. just lift the brush. hole found lol
  13. Bigger the head easier the target bottom line its all down to heart,determination & skill.
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