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  1. Rogue2015

    lurcher pup

    Should be a handy pup looking at tge parents atb
  2. Rogue2015

    First cross

    I have two 1st crosses one is a pitx grey dog and a saluki grey bitch, never thought i would end up with two first crosses for completely different jobs but they both keep me very happy and are both good at their jobs, then my brother got two saluki bull greyhounds which he must have Got extremely lucky with as they are both exceptional at pretty much any task they have faced, one he bred himself the other he bought in i suppose everyone has a perfect imagintion of what they want but getting that perfect imagination in real life is another thing altogether
  3. Rogue2015

    New to the sport

  4. Rogue2015

    View From Your Swim

    This is the fourth pike i have ever caught surprised was an understatement
  5. Rogue2015

    Little crocs

    Caught a good un today batteries were dead in the scales gutted il never know the weight! Was a monster diving out of the water
  6. Rogue2015

    Little crocs

    Caught my first pike today good little fight too bet them big ones put up a fight
  7. Rogue2015

    Show us your Bull x

    Thanks mate hes no world beater just a reliable old dog 6 in October dont think id ever be able to replace him surprised a few if my mates the way he picks up rabbits and will take the sneakiest of squatters oht of their seat too
  8. Rogue2015

    Show us your Bull x

    Hes a dog mate and believe it or not he is a half decent rabbitin dog
  9. Rogue2015

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    The terrier game is fu*ked now they know when the season starts and finishes so they know when to start pulling people and checking their dogs
  10. Do not buy anything off D.B all junk he breeds shi*t and talks sh*t too
  11. Rogue2015

    ferrets and nets nicked

    I hate anything getting stolen but when its a pet its way worse! Dirty scum hope you get them back mate and the thief gets sorted out! All the best
  12. Rogue2015

    Lost Lurcher

    Sorry to hear that mate im gutted for you, looks like he had a good life while it lasted and thats credit to you! All the best mate
  13. Rogue2015

    working homes required

    Fair play to you mate, hopefully whoever they have gone to will appreciate what you have given them and give them a fair chance and possibly help you out in the future if ever needed!
  14. Rogue2015

    Two Bobcock dog pups looking for homes

    Cracking pups mate!