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  1. Rogue2015

    Lightforce question

    I would stick to halgen aswell mate, but honestly between me and my close mates who do a fair amount of lamping a season we have all had trouble with the enforcers the old ligtforce were so much more reliable
  2. Rogue2015

    Lightforce question

    Personally i would stay away from the newer enforcer lamps the lead connection doesn’t last a hrd months lamping even though a couple of seasons
  3. I think everyone has gone lamping or ferreting on land without permission at some point and although poaching is illegal the majority of boys are only after a few rabbits and dont damage or steal anything off the land and they leave without a trace the gates get tied back shut behind them and thats how it should be but what gets me is when people drive through fences and gates and steal from the farms and that is why every poacher gets a bad name and we are not all the same
  4. Rogue2015

    Free to a good home

    Very smart bitch hope she gets a good home and makes them proud
  5. Rogue2015

    Scrambler Bike anyone?

    Quad all day mate done it for a long time until I started getting fatter by the week id stick to walking and running with them yourself personally
  6. Rogue2015

    Air Weapon Petition.

  7. Rogue2015


    Thanks, yea it Is a bad photo i was using a headtorch and recording it on an iPhone then screenshotted that from the video
  8. Rogue2015


    Went for a quick look for a rabbit down behind the local surgery, no rabbits about but this is probably the reason why, heard a rat squealing then an owl landed in a tree with it !
  9. Rogue2015

    View From Your Swim

    Nice surprise when doing a bit of trout fishing this morning
  10. Rogue2015

    Anybody running racey saluki bull grey

    My brother has got two one very slight one faiy strongly built, best dogs hes ever had one is retired now soon he will have 3 as iv bred my 1st xsaluki grey with my 1st x bull grey cant wait to run one on neither can a few of my mates
  11. Rogue2015

    Freshwater eels

    Great thanks for the info i will definitely be trying that
  12. Rogue2015

    Freshwater eels

    Your from the valleys too are you mate? Ive only been fishing regularly for about a year so just trying out different places and types of fish and hopefully i will keep enjoying it up to now my favourite has been pike but thats possibly because i have had a few big pike, hopefully try and catch an eel next weekend depending on how work goes
  13. Rogue2015

    Freshwater eels

    Ok thanks i will have to get myself a permit and hopefully catch one it seems crazy that they can live anywhere and i have never seen one although there was an eel caught in tri nant, a commercial course fishing place not far from me and it was a fair size too!
  14. Rogue2015

    Freshwater eels

    Ok great thanks for the replies, i would only catch and release if i did ever get to catch one iv caught a load of conger when on boat trips But would love to catch ine in the river whatever size it would be, any idea where i could try and catch one fairly near to the south wales valleys?