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  1. just wondering if there is any company doing the same kind of lamp at the moment.as clulite is out of stock at present.appatantly other companies do the same lamp under a different names.just wondering if anybody could help.
  2. greg

    Out Of Town

    I think phil llyod would make a great presenter on a progamme like out of town.he comes across very natural and .he has done it all and more and is at it a long time at the hunting game and is very well thought of.
  3. greg

    Out Of Town

    lots of out of town and jacks game progammes on youtube.well worth a look a trip down memory lane.
  4. piece of advice if you want to keep your sanity don't go near salukis.they are the most intractable dog I have ever come across.thick as a plank most of them.will hunt when they want to.you cant chastise them for anything they just scream like a banshee.hard dogs to break to stock as well.try and get a one third cross saluki to a collie or something with brains.these dogs broke my heart great at chasing hares and then f***ing off and coming back when they felt like it.just in case you think I couldn't train them.i have trained spaniels and cockers to field trial standard.and no problem training other lurchers and terriers.save your money for something that will work everything.
  5. greg

    Crow Shooting

    I am looking for chris green crow shooting dvds.if anybody has some for sale.
  6. greg

    Crow Dvds

    I am looking for some chris green crow dvds.maybe some one can help.
  7. lads just wondering does custhy mush not post on the site anymore.need to contact him re torches.
  8. greg

    Dvds Wanted

    looking for chris greens pigeon shooting vol 1/2/3 also crow shooting 1/2/3 on dvd.if anybody can help please pm me thanks.
  9. looking for chris green wildfowling 3 dvd anybody got a copy of above.
  10. Just wondering if anybody had come across this my lurcher. has a cut on his paw he has licked the skin so much he has exposed the sinu in his paw .have tried everything I can think of.he tares of bandages.I have silver sprayed it the lot.anybody any ideas on how to stop him licking the wound.putting foul tasting things over the bandages didn't work either.
  11. Mr pit Could you forward me a copy of your prices and list please.
  12. just wondering if anybody had a spare magazine 5 shot for a cz 527 hornet rifle.please pm if you can help.
  13. just in relation to cockers i have had them for the last ten years.three things i have found with them.1. they get very cute with experince.eg.a cocker will not go into cover if there is no game there.a spaniel hunts just to please you and will go into empty cover.2. you will always shoot more with a cocker because he is more thorough and has a better nose.always hunt on ground where there is game,they switch off very easily.and they dont come into their own till their 3 years old.there is an old saying about cockers.when you have a good one you have a great dog.it is so true.
  14. had a bull/whippet with the same problem fed two mugs of pasta every morning for carbs which put on weight.gave her steriods 2ml weekly for 5weeks 10mls in total.got steriods from vet chemist.and keep her really warm in their kennel bullcross dogs use a lot of energy trying to keep warm.plus make sure u worm the dog very important.bitch had no problems after that.hope this helps.
  15. i introduce my cockers to gun by bringing them to a clay shoot start off about 200 yds from where the guns are firing.bring a ball and another dog for company.keep the dog busy playing while the shooting is going on.and keep walking nearer over a period of time.if the pup panics just walk back and start again.i normally do this at 5/6mths old.depends on how bold the pup is.just take your time.cockers are slower to come on than springers a springer will hunt for the sake of hunting.a cocker after a while wont go into cover that has no game in it.they are very intelligent.they say u will shoot more over a cocker because he covers the ground better.most important be patitent.they dont really come into their own till there about 3yrs old.hope this helps.
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