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  1. Anyone know the the chap I THINK CALLED Peter Christopher who bred deerhound lurchers in Little Clacton Essex? Need some lineage on the sire of my pup. Major born 2009 in Little Clacton. His sire Conan 3/4 deer 1/4 grey & his dam Tyler deer/grey. Either or both of these MIGHT be "of the line of Dave Platts" but Platts tells me that it is NOT HIS Conan BUT might be "of the line of". My pup born in Colchester March 2021. Owner of Major cant find the paper with the name of who he bought Major from due to a recent house move but also thinks the chap may be RIP. Any info helpful. TIA.
  2. Anyone know the name of the chap who bred deerhound lurchers in Swinesdyke Lincolnshire? And it is NOT Len ginger Francis RIP as the man I bought my pup from spoke to the chap in Swinesdyke in 2019/2020 AFTER Len was RIP. Need some lineage on the dam Roma of my pup. Roma from a litter born 4 August 2012 in Swinesdyke near Nothorpe Lincolnshire. Her sire Bernard grey/deer x grey/bearded collie & her dam Tig , Tigs or Tiggy grey/deer x grey/whippet. My pup born in Colchester March 2021. Breeder cant find the paper with the name of Roma's breeder & his phone number on it due to chaotic do
  3. There was some honest well bred pups for sale on here a few days ago.....that's where I'd be going if I was a Daywalker
  4. This Beast (bitch) is only 2 or 3 & its her 1st litter so must be a different Beast you mention.
  5. Question re Northernlite's post. Could Holly he mentions be the dam of a bitch called Beast whelped in 2017/2018 ? Im buying a pup from Beast x Snowy and the "pedigree" is a bit short but pups look good and the claim they are "line of Merlin & Eve" seems fair but no line written down. Also if anyone knows more on Snowy of Drago x Mollie(Molly) Id be pleased to hear. My old dog's sire was bred by George Gaskin's cousin in Dublin so Im not a newcomer to "proper working" dogs - just new here. TIA.
  6. I am buying a nice pup from a lad in Huthwaite but he is a bit short on a "pedigree" for the pups dam & sire. Here is what I have : pups are out of Beast (dam) wheat rough coat at Huthwaite & Snowy (sire) smooth coat / black at Skegness - both known as Saluki/greyhound, but as good working dogs, clearly some other old blood in the pups. Beast's dam was Hollie (Holly?). Snowy's dam Mollie (Molly) & sire (Drago). Hollie/Holly is "of the line of Merlin & Eve. I can see some collie features in a couple of the pups (vocal & B&W). The other pups including the one that will be
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