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  1. There was some honest well bred pups for sale on here a few days ago.....that's where I'd be going if I was a Daywalker
  2. This Beast (bitch) is only 2 or 3 & its her 1st litter so must be a different Beast you mention.
  3. Question re Northernlite's post. Could Holly he mentions be the dam of a bitch called Beast whelped in 2017/2018 ? Im buying a pup from Beast x Snowy and the "pedigree" is a bit short but pups look good and the claim they are "line of Merlin & Eve" seems fair but no line written down. Also if anyone knows more on Snowy of Drago x Mollie(Molly) Id be pleased to hear. My old dog's sire was bred by George Gaskin's cousin in Dublin so Im not a newcomer to "proper working" dogs - just new here. TIA.
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