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  1. All I see now days is house dogs wearing sweaters. and the owners look even worse.
  2. Pugs are sorry excuses for dogs, aren't they?
  3. Dogs look nice and tired. Well done.
  4. You hear people talk about Laguna and such. Each of her lines goes back to that, several generations back. She's 21" and 35 lbs.
  5. This mine. Race bred from one of the top race breeders in the US. This is her pedigree. https://whippet.breedarchive.com/animal/testmating?dam_uuid=2274ba81-6ca7-4e8b-b423-67bc8a2277f8&sire_uuid=da235831-274f-4258-82cb-c4b212b74264
  6. no clue, I doubt the bigtime racers would do this, but that would be the same with either breed.
  7. AKC Fastcat is a 100 yard race for dogs where they measure the dogs speed in MPH. The whippet is the fastest in a straight line for 100 yards based on the stats here American Kennel Club - Fast Cat Top 20 Dogs WWW.APPS.AKC.ORG Top 21 greyhounds avg 35.97 mph over 100 yards Top 21 whippets avg 36.54 mph over 100 yards
  8. She's a good looking bitch!
  9. A bit of power behind that bunch.
  10. How many dogs do you have at any given time?
  11. I've enjoyed your youtube videos with her. Sorry for your loss.
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