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  1. You can have my special duck sausage.

  2. I f****n kee you!

  3. I dont work well with others.

  4. In your dreams shit bird.

  5. Could you please send me a map to get home to Norwich then cuz I been stuck in this God awful place long enough.

  6. And your point is?

  7. If f****n you in the ass is gay then yes I'm of they gayest kind.

  8. How does it feel to be loved by so few but f****d by so many?

  9. Whatever fat ass!

  10. Look gay boy. It's "of" not "off". I think maybe the UK needs to take a serious look at their public education system.

  11. I just puked in my mouth.

  12. You couldnt get laid in a monkey whore house with a fist full of bananas.

  13. Man boobs all the way. I say MOOBS........son!

  14. Are you two f****n?

  15. I feckin kee you!

  16. In your dreams fancy pants.

  17. Lord of the Sazukis.

  18. Piss poor instructor. This boy couldnt coach a duck to go to water.

  19. I meant homo.......just like I meant weird"O". I just cant type.....not sober anyhow.

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