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  1. Ya I can't fault her she has done me proud her dam and sire are cracking dogs that's sad to here 2 were stolen gosh he's a good age it will never change on here there's always been others slateing others I just rise above and let them get on with it
  2. I see nothing has changed on here still the jealous asses yes I'm doing just fine thanks and yes I've got a lovely bull x of crackers yes she has worked and she is a good dog that he breed I don't give a shit what anyone says about me so you crack on thankyou for your input crackers she's doing good now lads go and choke on your cider
  3. Nice pics those fields look nice and big to
  4. Nice looking bitch you still got the black bull x dog ?
  5. she's turned out a nice bitch glade your happy with her I've got a half sister to her and the other one you had of me my bullx had a lush red meals I kept back atb with them
  6. Both looking good Jay how's tricks
  7. there a credit to you rew glade flys bk on the mend lovely vids to cracking litter atb mlb
  8. both looking good mate you can tell there related hope they both do you proud atb mlb
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