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  1. I wouldn't say they are too small just smaller than his original stuff .He told me once he purposely let size slip but I think he had no choice in the matter ,breeding from same stuff continually does that .I don't agree with some things he's done but overall what is there to moan about .The smooth coated ,bull headed pat type will be about long after he's gone and will have stamped its gene on many a yard .I wish I'd taken up the offer to dig with him in his prime. Did you notice when The breeding was only so many generations down from line breeding you got bigger? better type and boned animals? Then they lose this and go smaller and lose the bone the more generations down or the closer you get with inbreeding? not saying your own stuff as went either way as I don't know what you got but you have noticed it in others as you said about Brian's..
  2. I had all my real tree stuff On last time I was there you would just not of seen me
  3. I will try get to this one support the club that runs it
  4. Snitch99 if you on about ged he wernt Arthur bred that was eve out of his litter sister x arthur Ged killed plenty foxes but he was no fox dog just a doubled up snakehead
  5. some good days out your having there mate which russel is the one thay bounces on Ya in Ya shed the one with the brown patch on head? She a tidy bitch
  6. Them good ones imagine how good they could of been with out the mastiff in there
  7. Ebt crosses I think a lot of years ago, a few of the older boys especially in Ireland put them into there terriers (russels) maybe because of the colour but also because of a very good old dog with a name for him self over there... I been to Ireland an dug some of the older lads ebt x russels an yes they were out an out digging dogs but them dogs only had about 1/8 -16th ebt in them then, so they had already had the hard work done for them? Imo... the clever lads who have kept a good line of them an line bred the workers an done the right thing with the culls have still got somethig going an hopefully I will have a bitch off a breeding of this type early this year... Any one trying thesee days from a first x mating with a ebt x imo is daft an fantising an they will only get lucky an produce something good if there terriers past it over..... I took a ebt x greyhound on few seasons ago when I was low on dogs, the father the ebt x was I told worked with terriers an was a good dog , the dog I took on a first x I was told was a very good dog I sent it baxk after the first night out with it, obviously other lads standards are very different with the pures an half xs.... to me if it wernt done with good lads years back it not getting done now ! an it's done for looks an profit
  8. Don't know about old school but she a russel an she works to ground which is all that matters
  9. I am lucky enough to have seen a lot of his old pics sat in his hunting shed with a cup a coffee, he a gentleman an if he decides to stick more up use will all enjoy
  10. Nice pup that gnipper and you sourced some good stuff
  11. Nice labs ️Haha that dog on left is out of my old lab bitch we was on about lol
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