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  1. So now I'm a home? LOL!

  2. The coyote are already dead. Who gives a shit what kinda lude behavior one may or may not partake in with a "DEAD" animal. Man up hedz ffs!

  3. The coyotes are dead so who cares. Man up hedz!

  4. No hills here, as flat as your sister's chest.

  5. Empty your pm box faggety.

  6. Gayest music ever!

  7. I feckin kee you hampton!

  8. I heard from a very good source that this fella has been fornicatin with some unsavery sweaty mens.

  9. I think he loves to be the horizontal bar in the wobbly H. Giggity Giggity!

  10. Unlike that artic fell. I got no time for him.

  11. She didnt believe in me, she peed on me. You need to get a new phone so you can actually hear what I'm tellin you.

  12. You'd be the first woman to ever believe in me since my momma then.

  13. I cant hardly make toast darlin.

  14. I'll twist your titty boy.

  15. You dont have a bag ya pussy. It's called a purse.

  16. You f**k a man named gene.

  17. And you got shit spellin.......hygene? What are you a f****n retard?

  18. Terriers make great turtle bait.

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