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  1. Nice looking dog lad, ill maybe take him out on some open land and try him because most of my perm is rough hillly ground with lots of fences ect, this big pup dont know how to use its brakes so accident waiting to happen. Been put on my back numerous times when the fecker comes flying down narrow pathways
  2. Good to see he's gonna be steady with ferrets, he's a 10 month old salukigrey at 26tts so not gonna be my ferreting dog like my collie x whippet but always good to brake any dog to ferrets. Few photos and also photos of the kits. Lets see them ferreting dogs Atb LD
  3. I got 3 jills of working stock for 10 pound each took a while to find tho had to alot asking around
  4. Ive Just discovered this forum and made a profile this is my young dog he's a salukigrey and 26 and half inches at 10 months old, only ever had one rabbit accidentally on some wasteland, doing alot of retrieving and jumping getting him ready for next season. also do you think theres much more growing left in him theres still abit of growth plate left but not much? Regards LD.
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