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  1. Not yet, probably will try to start one up once I have a little more time this month
  2. Where about are you? Feel free to pm
  3. Just wondering if anyone runs a rat pack in north wales. If not, might start one up
  4. Kierans catapult bands from Facebook. Top bloke and great band sets
  5. Here’s my contribution, headshot with a hegarty catty
  6. Hi guys, I was just wondering how often you feed your dogs. I know some here feed twice daily, am and pm, some just am and some just pm. Do you think it makes a difference? Thanks
  7. I used to have a small lab x kelpie. Fantastic bushing dog. Sounds the same as the one you had as youngsters
  8. I’m going to try them on kibble/ scraps see how that goes. Vet checked them and said nowt wrong just not taking to the food.
  9. Dogs are 15kg . They eat approximately 400g
  10. Chicken, turkey and beef mix
  11. I get it from Holyhead in north wales, they do a variety of raw foods. They have the runs on it, and they become lethargic as hell. With a mixer they have been better so looking at the dried and fresh meat mixes or wet food
  12. Hi guys, looking for recommendations. I work two collie x kelpies. Cracking little dogs. What are you guys feeding? I’ve tried them on raw foods but they’re not doing to good on it. I’ve tried various mixes/wet and dry food but it’s a bit hit and miss. Any recommendations? Thank you
  13. I currently mooch about in a cheap pair of wellies. Problem is they break quite quickly and always leak! Ive tried different types but they all only seem to last a month or so ( lots of thorns, slate that seem to cut and puncture them) What do you guys mooch about in? Any recommendations? thank you
  14. Stunner mate, hopefully make you a cracking dog
  15. My wife has a new puppy. I told her when she got it that it’s her dog cause it not one of the breeds I would of gone for. I like my mooching dogs to have some collie or kelpie in them but she’s gone and got a rescue Dalmatian. He’s only 14 weeks old but is stone deaf. Has anyone ever worked one of these breeds? He’s yet to be named so any suggestions would be good, thank you
  16. Where do you buy your tubes and pouches from? Thank you
  17. Looks in great condition, how old is he?
  18. Hi guys, I was going to grab a couple cheap scout copies of eBay. Haven’t been on the cattys for a while but getting back on it. Things seem to have moved on with bands etc. What bands and size ammo would you use on these cattys? Not sure what rout to go down, flats or tubes. Thanks
  19. What breed is she? Looks a cracking ratter! Stunning
  20. Cracking looking dog, I do like a collie x, I think they make a good all rounder
  21. Hi guys, these are my mooching dogs. A 3/4 border collie x 1/4 kelpie and a 3/4 kelpie x 1/4 border collie. What are you guys mooching with? Thanks
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