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  1. I charge both in a couple of XTAR VC4 charges, no problems with flat top cells.
  2. just got an 008 and played around with it a little as a spotter but havent had a chance to get it on a rifle yet, im reading about people having to shim them ???, do they all need shimmed and what are people using as shim material ?
  3. Bottle every time, pumping gets old very quickly
  4. A few Led Lensers cheap on Amazon at the minute, i was shooting mice in the garden with one last week, loads of fun
  5. Thanks, i will give Mr Bowkett a ring.
  6. In 20 years I have owned 6 AA rifles, (TX200SR, S410 carbine, 4 x Pro-Targets), still have the S410 and a ProT, i like the rifles but i will never buy another new gun from them. Terrible company to deal with when it comes to buying spares / servicing and general customer support.
  7. I have a Sako Finnfire Range, (Mk1 version) gathering dust and im thinking about setting it up for longer range targets, (200 yds being the goal). I have a set of FX No Limit rings on the way to give me plenty of adjustment and have an old high mag Leupold to get started with. From what i can find online Im expecting from a 50yd zero to have about 55" of drop at 200yds. Anybody tried .22LR at longer distances ?
  8. Any recommendations for somebody to service a BSA Super Ten ? I have the valve / reg removed so thinking if somebody is set up to do them it would save me the hassle. Its FAC / Export version.
  9. Hello  I've been lurking around the site for a while so thought I'd finally join up. I used to be on several forums then packed it all in a couple of years ago, this looks like a decent spot to get started again, maybe bump into a few old mates. Cheers
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