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  1. Del  Trotter

    Rescue dogs

    Got a black and tan terrier from the pound good few year back dug to him well over 100 times bred him to a top class bitch 5 pups not 1 worked anything like the parents.
  2. Del  Trotter

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Father to all my pups.
  3. Del  Trotter

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Hopefully next years workers
  4. Del  Trotter


    The way it should b Ya give a lad a dog if circamstances change the dog should b offered back keep it [BANNED TEXT] no dog will b ever sold from my yard only give pups to genuine lads learned that years ago.
  5. Del  Trotter


    I guarantee a bad 1 wouldnt get killed on the road thats a fine dog ya have now.
  6. Del  Trotter

    Couple of My Wheaton x

    Wheaton x dog 7 years old now 28 tts still going strong.
  7. Del  Trotter

    What's the best tracker?

    British dog. Com
  8. Del  Trotter

    What's the best tracker?

    Ive sport tek 1.0 and 4 collars best money i ever spent simple to use and v good after sales service.
  9. Del  Trotter


    2 of mine russell x patterdale started well red bitch is way 2 hard for her size needs a long break in between digs.
  10. Del  Trotter

    Out Today

  11. Del  Trotter

    Out Today

    Some real good hunting today got 2 lurcher lads missed a couple as well there for a another day.