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  1. Oneleaf Commander NV100. I have the 12mm model and it is excellent. Cost me £205 delivered direct from Oneleaf. Delivery, one week. I have one of the original Pard 007's, but find the Oneleaf image better.
  2. A T20 with a Black Sun 2 pill from Nightvisionstore is much better than the Ledray 400.
  3. The Photon with a laser IR added gives a very decent image. I use a Solaris SRX on full flood and have shot rabbits out to 200 yards. Also have Pard 007, which is excellent, but relatively ungainly to use. Had the Pard 008, but couldn't get it to hold zero. The RT and my previous XT have proved very reliable. Zeroing the Photons is a well documented issue. I ended up buying adjustable mounts for my RT......Yukon obviously couldn't be bothered sorting this issue. Pity, because it puts a lot of folk off what is a very capable unit.
  4. Kahles 8x50 View Advert Will probably regret selling this, but I need a scope that works well with a NV Addon. It is an absolutely superb day/dusk/dawn scope that, like all my kit, has been well looked after. It ha s a #4 recticle and 25mm tube. Looking for £320, which includes signed for postage (UK only). Payment via bank tra nsfer please. Can email pictures to those interested. Buyer will no t b e disappointed. Advertiser beanieboy Date 23/02/19
  5. Bestguarder Nightvision Monocular 6x50 View Advert Bought for me earlier this week from Amazon for £220, but I'll never use it. I don' t need to see stuff 300 yards away and am quite happy with my wee Exelon. Turned on to ensure it is working, other wise unused. £180 inc signed for postage. This monocular is exactly the same as the Bushnell Equinox Z. Advertiser beanieboy Date 01/12/18 Price £180.00
  6. Keep the cap closed and use it with 25mm hole at night. Gives a better image and improved depth of view. I use the F900.....I focus it just enough off full spot to get rid of lines, but have dimmer at about 3/4.....full is best kept for very open areas or across valleys.
  7. Can you advise if this is available with 25mm lens option?
  8. Yeah, the various suppliers seem to offer the 16mm....no mention of the 25mm.
  9. I am thinking of buying one of these for spotting. Anyone know if the 25mm option is available and is it much more expensive than the standard 16mm model?
  10. Never used it, but I know folk that have. It's a bulky item......bit like carrying a leg of lamb around. Performance wise, I've heard nothing but good about it. Many consider it the best spotter available bar none. Not cheap mind.
  11. I note Clive Ward has this [Warden Adder Scopecam] on offer at £359.
  12. They are indeed the Mk2 with green band....many thanks for your help Pav.
  13. Have both mounted on NV gear and didn't want to adjust them as they are sitting perfectly. I'm pretty sure they do use the same pill, was just making sure.
  14. I have a couple of the Mk 2 torches from The Torch Factory (T38 &T50) and wish to purchase a couple of additional pills. Do they all use the same AS pill, or is there a different size for each size of torch?
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