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  1. Michael Gaw

    Irish Harrier.

    have 5 6 month old harrier foxhound pups there if your interested
  2. Michael Gaw


    ive an industrial mincer for sale its 3 phase tho £400
  3. Michael Gaw

    Any Hounds For Sale ? Northern Ireland

    Could do with a few our self . Lost a few dogs so looks like its a stop this year until the pups fire
  4. Michael Gaw

    Diver Duck Shooting

    Do you know of any syndicates with a space
  5. Michael Gaw

    Any Hounds For Sale ? Northern Ireland

    hi we hunt harrier crosses or beagle cross or pure breed . to be honest im not fussed on the breed just looking something pushing if possible have you got anything milliken ? cheers black buck
  6. Looking hounds not fussed on breed just need somthing pushing cover for the pups to get them goin and get us through the rest of the season .
  7. Michael Gaw

    Hounds Needed Can Travel

    Harrier beagle crosses or harrier springer or full hound just anything that works to be honest . Have you anything for sale or you can think of
  8. Michael Gaw

    Hounds Needed Can Travel

    hi all our hounds are about 8 months old at the minute we have an old dog left and a couple of hounds there but not the greatest to start with . looking to buy one or two if i can to get the season in where abouts are you hunting im from bangor
  9. Michael Gaw

    Springer Wanted

    have a sprocker there if hes anygood you hes pushing cover just not 100% steady
  10. Michael Gaw

    Hounds Needed Can Travel

    stuck for a couple of hounds recently lost a few and have nothing to get the pups started . willing to buy if the right dogs come up any info at all please give me a message
  11. Michael Gaw

    Hounds Needed ??

    hi thanks so do i . just need to get the pups up and going but need a few dogs to get them sorted
  12. Michael Gaw

    Hounds Needed ??

    does anyone know of any hounds available northern or southern ireland unfortunately lost a few dogs and havnt got them back and only have a pack of pups looking a few dogs to get us through to end of season mike