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  1. Is it normal to be fishing at this time of year. I thought nobody bothered from september.
  2. Ducks by us on the lake will eat vitually anything haha. I seen kids feeding the crisps and being told off to the ducks enjoyment.
  3. I think the best thing to do is dress it appropriately to reduce the risk of infection. Sorry to hear hes been bit you shouldnt have to go throught this.
  4. Savalon and sudacrem both good treatments for minor cuts. I find any creams that can be used on babies are good for dogs.
  5. First time i have seen these boots and chose a pair for Christmas. Somebody is getting a bargain mate they look like excellent boots.
  6. Great video foxes are everywhere these days i must see 2 every night at least.
  7. I think if your there and there is enough space for the dog to play everything should be fine. Ferrets biting ankles is more the problem but they love a play with a dog. Good luck.
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