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    ROC bunkers

    Wouldn't know where or how to start. I do think your right though, it's OK being taught something with a lecture but seeing something adds that bit extra, a picture paints a thousand words and all that
  2. AshDove

    ROC bunkers

    Lol, a bit like that, used to do the military shows like war and peace in Kent. I have a wartburg 353, an old east German car done out like a stasi surveillance car and my dad has a uaz 469 done as an East German boarder patrol car. Was a living history group, so just talk to people about cold War history. Another bloke in the group had a full field kitchen and would use it to cook for us at the show, another bloke had a Russian armoured car. People collect all sorts lol.
  3. AshDove

    ROC bunkers

    @RossM just seen this and it's an interesting part of the cold War history, if your interested the cold War, cold War conversations podcast talk to a guy in Northern Ireland that found a ROC bunker in a field talked to the land owner and ended up paying £10 for a 10 year lease on it with a view to restore it. I was in a cold war re-enactment group before I moved and there plenty of cold War sites you can visit, there's a ROC bunker near Truro that do a tour (doesnt take long to look round) but it's fully kitted out, the bloke that does the tour used to be ROC and its a fiver and gives a good account on what it was like as a former member of the ROC. Or if you want nuclear bunkers there's a few dotted around the UK, York, Essex and Scotland that still do tours that are all worth a look
  4. Hello Was wondering if anyone had any kits for sale in Plymouth and Cornwall South West area to go to family/working home.
  5. 12 month old whippet x bull. Fast as lighting and jaws like a vice.
  6. Been using it today again and do find it a really solid nice gun. Just need to keep practicing to get a better grouping
  7. Cheers lads. You are right it has got some kick on it but having some fun with it already
  8. Just got a new set up for vermin. I read some reviews of the Camaro and they all seemed good. Anyone else had one or used one. I have a had few shots through it and it seems a good little rifle. What's everyone's option on these air rifles?
  9. I did buy one in the end, about a month I had it and tried it but returned it to the shop today and changed it for a webley and Scott. It wasn't for me to be honest. It seemed fine but the comb was just a bit too low on it when I took it out and had a chance to give it a proper test.
  10. Anyone have, or used, a Kral Tundra. They seem quite cheap but there are no reviews anywhere for these online. Just wondering what anyone's opinion of them were for reliability, value for money etc. Thanks
  11. Hi Is there anyone that knows of any availability for a shooting syndicate in the Loxwood, West Sussex area. Thanks
  12. See attached picture. If anyone wants videos of them working u have that as well and can whatsapp those.
  13. They are albino and one silver all male and all have been done as well. I have to move to a flat and can't take them with me. I have used them for ferreting this season and they are good lads, don't really want to part with them but I have no choice. They are all handled daily and don't bite (only rabbits) they are between 1 and 2 years collectively. Pm me and I can whatsapp pictures of ferrets and hutch. I can sell you the 4 tier hutch if you need it but it's quite large so you may need a small van or pick up to collet that.
  14. 3 ferrets free to good home. Collect from Pirbright, surrey
  15. I went to find out about getting my new hob neutered in Woking, vets at home, and they said they wouldn't do it but would put an implant in him every 6 months instead at £90 a gone so I left.
  16. For the scope is the hawke eclipse 3-12x50 ir mil dot or hawke eclipse 4-16x50 mil dot the better for small game as I have no idea about the ranges etc for hunting small game and am a complete a mature at using a rifle these most likely seem bone questions but like I say I have no clue. More used to using a ferret and net lol.
  17. It seems to be between the weihrauch Hw99 and hw95 but I was looking at them online and may not be looking at the right website but can someone please explain in layman's terms the difference between the two and which is best for hunting.
  18. That has defiantly given me some more routes to look down thanks lads.
  19. Thanks for the help gives me a bit of an insight
  20. I was thinking of getting an air rifle for small game, rabbits etc and was wondering what everyone thought is a good beginners first time air rifle. I am looking to spend around £300 if I can get a half decent one for that, I'd like one that will last.
  21. By the time I can actually hit a target accurately it will be next season judging by my first practise.
  22. Just got my new catapult through today. I've never been catapult hunting before but thought it would come in handy when I'm out with the ferrets or just out for a walk as I've seen plenty of pheasants about. Just need to get practising now.
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