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  1. Have had a few over the years they all were descent dogs. I now Mick very well he nows his stuff specialy his bull terriers
  2. Are you talking about Mick clines from blackcountry?
  3. Good vid I'm gonna try get out my self tomorrow now I've stoped putin presents to gether lol
  4. Them plr500 are ok cheap I've been useing one this season find it ok
  5. He mite get good money for his. And his hopeing to get cheaper off some one else keep a few back and make a few pence on the spear lol
  6. My friend owns a sheep farm with a few ducks and foul he built a live bait fox trap he tried every bait there was and in 15 years he only ever court 1 fox [BANNED TEXT] was a rspc release . He's son know as took over and tried duck eggs in stead of fear and feather and court 9 in just over 12 months lol
  7. Hello everyone. I'm after a 3/4 greyhound 1/4 collie bitch is there anybody who nows to any good litters. I've been lookin at Hancocks but the none working perents puting me off but Carnt find anything any where else. Is there any body running a Hancock breed dog on here.
  8. hello everyone. Can anybody tell me if ferrets have off days I'm new to the ferret game had a mooch today with ferrets tried a few places with plenty of activerty and fresh dropings out side and ferrets didn't seem that intrested had 1 rabbit out of about 5 different places. They was fed the day before on some rabbit but they had nuffin before we went .
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