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  1. Lol so sorry pal I'm shocking with names thanks again Jake she's a cracker
  2. Big thanks to this young man went and collected the bitch today the dog is a credit to you pal very nice little bitch other dogs looked in top shape to not many lads out there like you young Luke thanks again pal
  3. Can one of the mods move this post I did click on for sale bit but it must of changed
  4. I no this a long shot but after a honest lamping bitch as I've just lost a dog to cancer and have nothing to bring pups on with hasn't got to be a world beater just an honest dog
  5. Oh lol never even looked fella to be fair
  6. Im 10 min from boston
  7. Pup now sold can one of the mods take it off cheers
  8. Short leg russell bitch pup 8 weeks old out of working parents bred for own purpose but someone let me down on this pup both parents out of hunt stuff and do there job well pm me will send ya pics if interested £200
  9. Depends who dropped rabbits always go out with few lads and dogs in the daytime
  10. yes he has caught all that were dropped he getting there dont like to show them alot this age like to let them switch on themselvesAYE MATE.THATS IT YOUVE PLANTED THE SEED , NATURE WILL TAKE ITS COURSE NOW. LOOKS A NICE PUP, SKOOLING 2ASWELL AT THE MOMENT AND IVE 2 YOUNGSTERS WHOS TRAINING HAS JST STARTED. HAPPY DAYS LOL. ATB . KEEP PICS CUMIN OVE YOUR PROGRESS! thanks i will do pal
  11. hi pups aggression is out of this world for a pup just wanted to show him stuff never expected him to catch them but he did so a bonus wont show him nothing now till hes alot older will just work on obedience and jumping recall is fantastic so will just keep brushing him up on that
  12. yes he has caught all that were dropped he getting there dont like to show them alot this age like to let them switch on themselves
  13. my pup for next season he coming on well now measures 23 to shoulder at just short of 6 months recall is great jumping well starting to show some good signs and prey drive is great seen a few dropped bunnies coming on well
  14. Not good pal hope dog recovers soon with no problems atb
  15. moseley


    Use a site called yify lads all blue ray on there
  16. moseley


    We kill the old way good watch gaffer and wild card jason stratham new one
  17. Yes I been in the game far to long now so will show him the way lol I bought a few in myself but do like to breed my own stock and produce some good dogs makes it all worth while then and pups go to lads anyway
  18. He just knows what he is getting then I suppose and wants to bring his own pup on and learn together everyone starts somewhere dont ya think
  19. He never new when she was coming in fella dog was brought in he just starting out
  20. Got took off lads always a few idiots that ruin it
  21. I run one nice bitch does all I ask of her
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