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'Tactical' magnetic truck or hand carry spotters.

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'Tactical' magnetic truck or hand carry spotters.

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I still have some custom made parts to use up and making them into ready built units seems a good way of managing that.

There is a choice of three at the moment, and I have the parts in stock to make up to three of some of them but not all of them. For that reason I'll list all three here with respective prices so anyone can see when I'm unable to make any more of any specific type.

Its proving easier to make a youtube video than post up several images so have a look at it and if something isn't clear I'll happily answer any questions and if I realise something else needs advising about I'll add it.


So the spotter that was shown first is the most expensive one because it has an E700 inside and an integrated EVO torch fitted with a Black Sun IR pill. Price is £300 posted RMSD to UK only.

The other two do not have a torch so are cheaper. 

One has an F2 M12 lens screwed directly into the E700 neck through an adaptor to brace the otherwise exposed lens and also carries a correctly aimed mini weaver rail. Obviosly then the buyer supplies his own illuminator to use it if there is not much moon about. This one is possibly the best option for a roof application because the F2 lens is not going to need much adjusting because it is less focus fussy due to its slightly higher F stop. This also has an E700 camera and is priced at £230 Posted RMSD to UK only.

The one with a cheaper Foxeer nite Wolf camera in it but a more expensive lens and lens adaptor/carrier. It also has a mini weaver rail that puts your torch beam in just about the exact place needed. I only have one Foxeer camera so cannot make any more of this spec. Price is £200 posted RMSD to UK only.

Any questions - or if you want to buy one please do it on this thread.

Hamilton, Leicester - United Kingdom

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