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nobody getting out wrong time of year

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just been looking at all the recent posts so nobody  must be getting out on the woodies (must be too cold for summer shooters) all old pics from a while back  even frozen ferrals

small bags or large  on rape take some getting  but showing willing  more important to farmers:whistling::whistling:

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There needs to be pigeon about , ! ...I’ve been watching the old cover crops , tons of food but not a pigeon in sight ..this bit of hard weather might help .shot a few crows the other day but soon as you shoot one there gone ..36B4549E-83C3-469A-BC05-BDE8D7508D98.thumb.jpeg.b4e8808a2fcda83f8496d828393d4f22.jpeg



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i was out this morning at 7.30 had a few hours on rape it was cold in the hide

with the wind blowing in my face but it was worth it as i had 24 pigeons

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