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.22 Hornet Load Development - 40Gr Vmax With Ppu & Lil Gun

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I've settled on a load for the .22 hornet using 40gr vmax and12.7gr Lil Gun, PPU brass, with a COL 1.880 crimped, giving me half decent results, it's a compressed load, I tried small pistol and small rifle primers and both gave similar results, although the small rifle primers gave a slightly higher POI due to velocity increase.


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Looks like you've got it sussed. Similar load to mine, although I'm using Winchester brass 12.5gr of Lil Gun and a COAL of 1.900"


Haven't played with crimping yet. Did you find it made much of a difference?

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The crimping made a slight difference in my 35gr vmax loads... When I get chance I'll do some groups with these loads uncrimped and crimped..

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