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Badger In France

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To call someone a grass because you got a poor argument is a cnuts trick. Grasses are on a par with nonces where I'm from.


Anyway, you pulled the trick so take from that what you will.

Your words.

BTW, its illegal to interfere with badger setts - The antis live for people like you - bait an animal and then release it to be baited again.


My words.

The language you are using in your posts make me wonder are you some kind of grass or weird closet anti?



Double cnuts trick I see you tried spinning on me, very clever Kranky I (thought youd have done the name calling before now as I saw you were struggling), but low all the same. For an argument your struggling with.

Youve shown what you are, so i'll leave you to it.

Why did you go back and edit this after I'd replied? An attempt to try and discredit me? The work of a weak fool, if you ask me. Confront those that challenge you head on, don't sneak about like a weasel.



As for your hipocrisy comment, who's that aimed at

Not bad at flattering yourself are you Krank, but sorry to burst your bubble, I dont find you a challenge, just find you a Krank.., I edited my post within minutes, just like you have just done. LOL or are you telling me in a roundabout way YOU feel challenged? LOL


Your the little weasel putting words into peoples mouths, (hence my reposting MY WORDS) & then go and cry 'victim' you KRANK & using your own description a proper Kunts trick, which you seem expert at. Didnt you type that your dogs dont whine? Probably dont get chance to with all the whining from you, going by this thread. Everytime you struggle with your argument ( your word..everyone else seems to be able to discuss! LOL) you are too quick with the insults, guess you dont realise it makes you look like the very 'weak fool' LOL


& as for hypocrisy, are you now asking me to help you keep up with the thread???? LMAO....Drop the Y Krank, suits you much better.


Edit: I dont need to discredit you, youve done a fantastic job of it yourself. Cue the name calling......LOL


Aside from your 'transparent' smokescreening attempts. I get the impression you have no or minimal experience going by what you type, just assumptions, you would only need half a clue about the subject matter to see that.

It's not flattery, its a fact. I'm a lot better than you in all areas, your failure to realise that is an example of another of your faults. You do find me a challenge. Your replies take a long time for you to compose and you make basic mistakes in them, for example, not being able to differentiate between your and you're.

You edited your post, after I'd replied, to add another few lines of drivel. I edited mine to correct some punctuation. If you'd already replied I wouldn't have bothered.


I've not put words in your mouth. If I have please copy and paste the examples for all to see.

I'm not a victim, far from it, anyone that's met me will tell you that. And please provide examples of where I've whined, just to back up your claims. All you seem to be doing is copying my comments and addressing them to me. That's fine if you've got valid points to demonstrate the accusations.


There's a few people on here that get out with me regularly and they know what I'm about and how experienced I am. Can you say the same?

I don't actually give a feck what anyone else thinks of me so your attempts to discredit me are futile.


You started on the first page if this thread with your sanctimonious post to J1985 and when I asked you to explain your snidey comments you never did. You just got defensive and hid behind other people. The hallmark of a weasel. You still haven't answered and explained your initial comments.


I eagerly await the responses of other members telling me what a sporting legend you are, although I fear they will be few and far between.


The moral is, don't act the prick if you haven't got the answers.

Ive got no need to hide behind other people, but this is the second time youve posted about others on here that know you and how experienced you are :whistling: can you not stand on your own 2 feet and speak for yourself? you just seem to revert back to name calling & know punctuation! :rofl: which you then tell us you go back and edit :blink: , doing your best to drag me down to your level so you can beat me with your experience LOL. Nice effort. :haha:


My replies take a long time to compose do they, well that makes you the sad fecker for waiting for them :icon_eek:

My mentioning of people knowing me personally and actually going out with dogs, ferrets and gun is to counter your claims that I have no experience. Nothing else. The fact that you can't the same just confirms to me what I believed all along. That you know nothing and do nothing.


You have no one to hide behind and I feel your loneliness is probably the cause of your attitude. The very attitude that caused me to challenge you in the first place.


I hope you're not married. That'd be a sad existence for even the dullest of women.





& KRANK, more smokescreen to hide your lack of experience. :hmm:

Shall I get the people that've hunted with me to post on this thread? Will that be evidence enough for you?


How about you do the same?


You must be choking with all that smokescreening, :snack: why you dont you tell us all about your experience of digging terriers. Your talking loud and saying nothing & now volunteering people youve hunted with to bolster yourself up.


Throwing out desperate insults thick and fast and telling me how much better you are than me. - Superiority complex is a psychological defense mechanism in which a person's feelings of superiority counter or conceal his or her feelings of inferiority. courtesy of wiki.


Its getting uncomfortable watching you Krank. Just looks desperate. Ill leave you to it.

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I really like the way someone called Waz is thinking that it'll hurt my feelings to be called a Krank!!


Waz, depending of your geographical location, is parlance for either urination or masturbation.


I am a bit of a Krank, I've never denied it.


Now, how about you? Do you know whether you're COMING or GOING? Which Waz are you?



Your getting desperate.


Put up or shut up.


Edit: Actually dont bother, we all know you have no experience on the subject or 'digging to terriers' in general, hence your see through smokescreen attempts.

I Still cant get my head round you waiting for my posts just to criticise my punctuation :blink:

Edited by GD Waz

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Smoke screening is the use of insults, bluster and unrelated points to deflect attention from the matter at hand, would you not agree?


I'm offering to provide you with witnesses to my hunting experience, well, at least the stuff that they've seen. That's better than me just putting stuff up here, I could get that out of a book.


I've offered to provide these witnesses and asked you to do the same. Your "smoke screening" seems to have avoided that. Calling me desperate is puerile and incorrect.


This is me putting up.


I hunt with







These are those that i can name without haven't to consult them. Maybe you'd like to check with them.

I'll try and contact a few others and see if its ok to name them too.


Now, to prevent any "smokescreen" accusations, perhaps you could name 4 members here that've been out with you and seen you and your dogs work. Or you can shut up if you can't put up.

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Heres examples of what I call smokescreening to hide your lack of experience on the subject matter.

Mainly, pathetic name calling, pathetic insults pathetic critiscm of punctuation, pathetic efforts to put words into my mouth (so to speak, the double cnuts trick you tried pulling). Hiding behind others.




Again nothing on your experience of the subject matter, or the subject of digging to terriers in general, which is what I asked you to put up. :whistling:

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I really like the way someone called Waz is thinking that it'll hurt my feelings to be called a Krank!!


Waz, depending of your geographical location, is parlance for either urination or masturbation.


I am a bit of a Krank, I've never denied it.


Now, how about you? Do you know whether you're COMING or GOING? Which Waz are you?


Your getting desperate.


Put up or shut up.



And YOU'RE THE ONE WHO STARTED ABOUT MY USERNAME!!! Don't give it if you can't take it!!

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Well done lads another decent thread up the swanny

Seriously? Of all the people!!

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