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Boiling Rabbits

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Any domestic dog which eats domestic food will have a low acid level in there stomach and will struggle to digest any bones. But after a gradual change they will develop a natural high acidity level in their stomach and should have no problems digesting any type of bone. A dog with a natural high acidity level stomach fed purely on bones should have some defence against worms as they prefer a less acidic environments. I do believe that after studies between the domestic dogs and wolves they share around 98% of DNA. I get all my dog food for free from my local butcher, from pigs legs to lamb spine. I also believe that some dogs are more prone to worms than others, both of my retrievers are fed the same but when it comes to worming time one always seems to crap out dead worms and the other none. There is no science behind that just an observation.

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I have always followed the rule that no type of cooked bone is good for dogs. I am not saying that's right, it's just the rule I have and will always follow. By boiling the bones are you not breaking down one of the most important parts for the dogs, the marrow??

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