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Pro Sport Or Hw97K

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Hey fry, its not so much a review really, its my experiences over the past 3 months. Started it last night its going to be long so make a coffee when you read it, most won't have the will to keep reading lol. It's turning into a war and peace article. I'll hope to have it done tonight or tomorrow. I hope there isn't a word limit to posts or I'm screwed lol!



hi Phil

best you become a THL Donator then!

or you may be restricted on your words :laugh: its only a fiver anyway :thumbs:


got my HW97 syn S2T .22 back from SFS,i am looking forward to shooting it,cost was £145.00 and from what i have seen so far,in the stage 2 tune i am impressed! i asked loads of questions,but only the obvious ones were answered :cray:


but i learnt while i was there ,how to take a coil of a spring professionally,so the bank holiday week end ,with my hard earn't cash i purchased the tools to do so,just need to pick up some paraffin and i am sorted,i was also given some old springs to practise on :thumbs: if you can fettle it is pretty straight forward :thumbs:

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I have some spare paraffin you can have Davy, an unopened half gallon one and a quarter to half bottle.


Not any use to a man who no longer needs paraffin lamps, you're welcome to it, t'ent cheap no more!

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For anyone interested my account of my saga is live in rifle reviews talking about the pro sport, I know some wanted to know when it was ready. It's called a tale of two halfs. The next write up will have a comparison between the pro sport and the 97 SFS stage 2 tune.

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