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Skot Ruthless Teale

washing and lubeing pellets?

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Ok...got this whole issue with pellet washing sorted...so it ALL about tighter group's Right.??




That's an Ajustable Air Stripper from Rowan Engineering.


The cone inside the stripper can be ajusted.


The posision of the stripper cone should be aproximately 5mm from the end of the barrel. This is a good starting point and test shooting should be carried out to determine the optimum cone-barrel gap where the pellets form the tightest groups.


My HW100 in good conditions will do pellet through pellet hole at 35/40y even without the stripper on.


These are £40 and a good bit of kit to use when HFT Shooting.





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Fair enough, does it make it any more accurate?



To be honest mate i dont think it does...My HW100ks 177 is very very accurate apart from the first few shots after first filling, so i dry fire those off first. I run it through the chrono every week without fail and the concistancy is spot on.


Grouping over 35 40 yards is pritty much pellet through pellet outside in good condition's.


I dont think i could do anything what so ever to make it any better...Guess im lucky really. The lads at the club have a mess with it and they just look at each other speechless :D





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