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The Proto Type of the new Nite - Hunter Digi Add On

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Hi Si.



Looking good, very simular in principal to the ns50/200 so it should work very well.

Look forward to the review and footage.


Nice one.






I was thinking that when I seen it

and I think they might have something to say as they have a patent pending for this and could get sticky

but to me its just like buying the ns50 or 200 your head is not in the normal shooting place on the stock were it should be

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Attempt to cheapen the nite site not done well.


Looks a proper badge job!


Not for me



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I've tested the exact same design and the view from the lens thats taken from a loupe is awfull. The tube to the screen idea does not do it for me, its pretty bad tbh.. Nite hunter would have been better of using a cam loupe as thats what they are designed for...

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Well lads Im just reviewing the item and keeping out all the politics of what the add on is based on or if its an attempt to cheapen the NS unit.


I want to stay neutral and not get involved with anything more than just the review.


I will tell you exactly how it is. The good bits and any bad i find.


All I know and can tell you is i have been out tonight with Elmer Fud (Gaz) off this forum and we have been shooting rabbits with very good results with the add on.


We managed a 38 metre (41 yards) 45 metre (49 yards) rabbit that bounced down its hole on impact but was hit nicely in the head and a 35 metre (38 yards) all with ease.


At these short ranges the dimmer can be turned right down as the picture is so good and bright there is no need to turn it up.


Its really easy to use and works a treat so far and i have no gripes with it if Im honest.


The add on only sit 65mm on the end of the scope so shooting and not being in a comfy position isnt a problem and both of us didnt have any problem with getting a sight picture.


We also tested the unit at range and have recorded a rabbit at 100 yards and one at 200 yards and they were very clear and very bright showing the whole rabbit at both ranges very easily in a clear and focused way.


We even filmed a mouse at around 60 to 70 yards with ease with the IR on flood foreging in the leave litter under a hedge row.


I will be releasing the review in 3 or 4 weeks time then people will be able to make up their own minds on the unit.


In the mean time if there is anyone with a NS200 that is willing to meet with me i would be interested to see how the NS200 and Nite - Hunter Digi Add on do against each other for picture quality, brightness and clarity in the dark. We could put the filmed results on the review which would make the review very interesting I believe, especially for people that are not sure what unit they want to buy.



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all said and done, and not directed 'at'...


theres one major factor to any 'product', and thats does it do the intended job. or, how well does it work. (thats the foremost purpose of anything).


nar then... 'product', was a consept that came in with the new 'quolity management' regimes, this basically said if a customer has a problem you sort it, it's better to exchange a faulty good straight away than rip of a customer. in amoungst the idealism was such consepts that the product be good or even better the best at it's purpose.

employee's rewarded for good work etc instead of the old boy bully management system that works on grab a penny and dont let go (verses making pounds with long turm good tactiques)...

basicaly the word product meaning the item you receive in the box, it goes like this, the writing is accurate about the product, the pictures are good acurate images, when you open the box it looks coooool! ie. its designed to al fit together looking good, when youtake the item out the box your alrady thinking this looks really good, but heres the kicker..switch it on it should be good.


but...what have we all notised today? the item is shite!! the blurb n adverts make it out with poetic best in the world, the proof is when you swithed it on...and it was shite, add it up lies make money fast but on a short term, and boy it p!!zzes you off dunnit.

now see it the other way round, rubbish packaging bt the item wasnt broke on delivery, ok no snazzy pics on the box, and accurate manual, you switch the ugly thing on and it really is good, brillient even? you got the intended use and 'tolerated' the looks? lolol.


nuh dont want it dunt look like a pen!is enlargment? du dahhhhhh....thats why the comersail sharks get you!

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You have lost me here pal.


I haven't shown the unit turned on yet or posted any footage anywhere :icon_eek: .


I am not showing any footage till the review is 100% done.


Are you aiming your comments at the Nite - Hunter digi add on or something else buddy?


Like i said I'm staying neutral on any politics, but i will give a fair review of the unit, and as i have witnessed last night with another regular on here the add on is working very well so far.



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Hello Guys and Girls,


First of quick thank you, for a very enjoyable night with Si out on his permission, the wind let us down slightly but still plenty of rabbits about.

Moreover the above mentioned equipment, well I will start by saying I have NO vested interested in either of the mentioned add ons'. However I can give my opinion and after all a review is just

that an opinion based on the product as it performs.

The new Nite - Hunter Digi Add On with the 400sb IR is very comfortable for a start, the shooting position is in no way compromised and feels very manageable when using it, both in seated, lying and standing shooting positions.

The 400 IR is great compliment to the unite, which SI accentually forgetting to alter the IR setting for the first rabbit, but still the quality was crystal, showing the 35 meter rabbit clear as a bell.

The unite its self is light compact and user friendly, with some very nice feature, simple to use, such as the two rear adjusters, which lock in place when adjusted, to stop the user knocking them when the

unite is set for the desired shooting distance.The mini recorder is detachable which leaves the housing in place, so if desired the shooter can view his/her shot quickly and easily, wit a nice little vibrate system to acknowledges that the recorder is turning on. The overall design is with the shooter in mind and I can say they have certainly had the right mind set here, TOP PRODUCT. I now can't wait to go with Si and Davy to the ratting permission to see how well it performs on ratting...

This said, the only thing I could even try to pick a gripe with would be that the finished unite makes sure that the wires for all the components are tidied up slightly to make it aesthetically better looking (but this was a proto type so...), but as far as the performance of both the 400SB IR and the add on, I would simple make the comment that it was, SPOT ON!!! and I WILL be buying one when I have the funds to do so.

I don't want people to think I have a preference here and its acknowledged that I have not used the Other available add ons, but if anyone has one near me and would like to let me see what it can do I would be willing to have a go and report back. (excuse spelling and grammar not the stronger skill I have according to my University :laugh:)


Kind Regards


PS, Thanks for the hospitality of Laura and your self last night SI top bloke :yes:.

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Hi Si.


Just sat here looking at the set up :hmm:


Whats jumping out at me straight away is the size of the screen *( viewing lens ), and the distance it is from the eye, because of its position at the very back of the scope?

To me, this will mean pushing the rifle away from the shoulder to be able to focus the eye to the picture, by doing so, would limmit the field of view on the screen severely......because of its size??


Not knocking the product, I have no need to, its just an observation on my part, see how you feel about what I have said during the trials.


Be very interested to hear what you think :thumbs:








Hello Bill, the shooting position and the screen are very user friendly even for a very inexperienced shooter as my self. The screen actually is good as it does not illuminate your face much which limits quarry being spoked. I really liked this product last night...





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Blimey ghillies whats all that your on about its still only the proto type. I think its great to have something bieng made in England by a Englishman.A big thumbs up for nite hunter from me.

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Would look good on my new bad boy. :whistling:


Which gun did you buy in the end Arch?


I have joined the Fellowship. :yes:


Not the Darkside Archie..... :hmm::laugh: ........the old one will be jubilant :D






If Arch has joined the darkside, I will be extremely jubilant :D

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does anyone on here understand what ghillies is ranting on about or do you need to be a psychiatrist.anyway back to the review. there are people posting negative comments on here about an item they have never seen or used .which is totally unfair imho.it is afterall a prototype which is being reviewed to see what improvements can be made and when the review is concluded the finished article will obviously look a lot better,and any technical problems resolved,which is an excelent idea before it is put on sale.as a user of nv equipment the only observations i can make from the pictures is the screen is smaller than a similar product and the shooting position looks a bit awkward like a similar product ,which will be the case unless its in line with the scope objective,like a pulsar challenger.an additional i/r source will be required as it does not seem to have an inbuilt one as part of the design. there are some other questions that i would like to ask ,whilst waiting for the conclusion of the review , and which are important to me before i would think of buying it .

1 is it waterproof 2 what sort of warranty will it have.3 is it for airguns ,rimfire cf or full bore.4 what price is it ?

in the meantime i will await the review before i make a final decision , unlike some others on here.atb.

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Just bought a ir400 to use with my camera and looking forward to the reviews of the unit as i'll get one of these if its positive.

Looks nice and compact to me and i like the fact that you don't have a large screen lighting up your face.

Gillies i'll have some of whatever your on bud ;) , just joking pal :thumbs: , although i have know idea what your on about mate.

Does it come with different sizes of tube to cater for different diameter scopes?


Atb Chris.

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Thanks Gaz,


Your welcome any time to come and shoot with me on my permissions :thumbs: .


Well lads i knew when me and Davy decided to do reviews for Nite - Hunter equipment and test items that were in proto type stages that not all would be happy. Thats just a fact of life.


Ive just spoken to Anthoni and the finished unit has got a rubber sleeve that fits all over the electrics and unit, so he states it will be very water proof and the guarentee for the unit is a year.


He stated he wouldnt let a item on the market without it being water proofed / resistant (i dont mean you can swimm with it) but it will withstand a hard down poor.


He is trying to get the unit down to £270 or £280 in price.


Too many seem to be getting hung up on the scope alignment but as Ive already said i have no problems shooting with the add on using it normally and neither did Gaz.


Your face does still touch the stock and shooting is easy, but not your chin as its a ADD ON (Add On meaning making something slightly longer in this case by only 65mm).


At the end of the day lads the finished product will look better and be better than the proto type (I did try and explain this at the start of the thread but it got lost some where) and your getting a unit for at the moment £300 that see's very very clearly a proffesional football field in length and further (proven), records video and sound and has its own focus and zoom lenses.


Where do you get more for your money?


Also this is just the air rifle and rim fire model. The good model for bigger calibre rifles comes out later in the Summer. This model (the air rifle model) as already shot foxes with a 244 something bullet rifle with no problems, (Im not good on bullet rifle designations).



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