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The Proto Type of the new Nite - Hunter Digi Add On

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Hi lads,


Here is the last and final PROTO - TYPE of the new Nite – Hunter Digi Add on that I have been looking at and testing today.


The final engineered unit will look like this unit but will be another 150 to 200 grams lighter (it’s as light as a camcorder now) so will be super light when finished.


The focus and zoom slots will also be the same size once finished on the FOR SALE unit and the glue and fixing marks will not be seen.


The unit runs off a mobile phone battery and gives around 3 hours of usage from a single charge. A second battery costs around £5 off EBay.


I will be showing the finished review of the unit in around 3 weeks time once I and Davy have fully put it through its paces on rats, rabbits and day time corvids.


I’m expecting between 150 and 250 yards easy with this unit in complete darkness with a illuminator.


I’ve been using this unit today recording a corvid hunt in the day time and all I can say is WOW ITS BRILL.


The IR illuminator that I will be testing it with is the new Nite – Hunter IR400 SB (Super Bright) with dimmer switch.


The Digi Add on will be on sale in 8 weeks time and orders can be phoned through to Anthoni now. It’s on a first come first serve basis.


A unit less the IR illuminator is £310 posted.


Any IR source can be used with the add on.


The new IR400 SB is £135 and runs off a 6v or 12 v supply. (6v comes as standard) The 12 volt battery is £14 off EBay but well worth it as it almost doubles the unit’s brightness.


This illuminator can be used with any gen 1 night vision device.


Watch this space as I’m sure many will want these items once they see the review and what they are capable of.











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Hi Si

Do you still look through your scope ? where dose the battery go ?

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I am def getting one of those ir400s, cheers for the review.

Villaman the bottom right pic shows the crosshair on the addon on top of the scope.


Atb Chris.

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The battery for the add on goes inside the digital video recorder mate.


The picture quality is amazing.


The add on fits over your day scope and you look through the add on's lens. No need to re zero your scope once its fitted.


I took a 30 metre woody just before dark straight through the brian (on cam). I will show it on the full review.



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hi Si

looking forward to reviewing this :thumbs:

let me know the dates?

and I will be there!



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Hi Si.



Looking good, very simular in principal to the ns50/200 so it should work very well.

Look forward to the review and footage.


Nice one.






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Hi Si.


Just sat here looking at the set up :hmm:


Whats jumping out at me straight away is the size of the screen *( viewing lens ), and the distance it is from the eye, because of its position at the very back of the scope?

To me, this will mean pushing the rifle away from the shoulder to be able to focus the eye to the picture, by doing so, would limmit the field of view on the screen severely......because of its size??


Not knocking the product, I have no need to, its just an observation on my part, see how you feel about what I have said during the trials.


Be very interested to hear what you think :thumbs:







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Would look good on my new bad boy. :whistling:


Which gun did you buy in the end Arch?


I have joined the Fellowship. :yes:


Not the Darkside Archie..... :hmm::laugh: ........the old one will be jubilant :D





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i'm a bit disappointed as we were led to believe that you would be able to use this digi add-on with cheek on stock but this is not the case,



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